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Changing of The Political Hurricane.

Greetings everyone.

It has been a while since I have had the Political Hurricane active. This is mostly because I have looked at the state of politics in both Florida and the United States and it has made me uninterested. But recently, I have decided to get back into writing about Florida politics.

There are two reasons why this is the case. The first, and main reason, is that I am no longer a Democrat and consider myself non-partisan. The reason that I have made this change is because the Democratic Party (not just in Florida, but in general) has moved away from the issues that I consider important. The reason why I was a Democrat was because I am very liberal on economic issues and consider economic issues vastly more important than social issues. But Democrats have completely moved away from economic issues and purely focus on social issues. Charlie Crist is a pure example. Economically, he was a right-winger that was horrible for the State of Florida. But because he is socially liberal, the Democrats have accepted him with open arms.

On the other hand, I am more conservative on many of the main issues that Democrats are focusing on. I am strongly conservative on issues of immigration, and always have been. I am also in disagreement with the Democratic Party on the abortion issue and I HIGHLY disagree with the issue of pot legalization (no pun intended). While I do agree with Democrats on marriage equality and LGBT issues, I feel that is the only issue that Democrats talk about nowadays.  The constant focus on marriage equality and DOMA makes me wonder if the Democrats have become a one-trick pony. Still, I am very liberal on the gun issue and the Stand Your Ground law.

Therefore, it is fair to say that I really don’t fit into any political party right now. I considered the Greens for a while, but they are a one-trick pony as well and very hostile to people who do not hold their exact points of view.

The second reason that I am writing about Florida politics is because I think there needs to be some accountability. While some people didn’t like our investigative journalism in the past, especially in the Florida Democratic Party chair’s race, it did open up the debate and made people seriously question the choice of Allison Tant as FDP Chair. We have also written about other subjects, which has caused controversy, but has also made people think. I feel that when people are making choices about politics, they should know the whole story. In Florida politics this has never happened, especially on the Democratic Party side. But with the Political Hurricane, people finally openly questioned the leadership of the Florida Democratic Party, something that hasn’t truly been done in the modern political era.

While many might not like this political discussion, it is a healthy discussion. Accountability must be a priority, as we entrust these people with our economy, jobs and, yes, lives. Therefore, it is important that investigative journalism in politics remains strong, as it is the only outlet that the citizens have to know who is truly running our government.

I will look at candidates of both parties to tell the good and the bad. And even though I am no longer a Democrat, I will continue to investigate the Florida Democrat Party and examine the people they do business with and the choices they make. In the past, I was careful about what i said because I had considered a future in Florida politics. But now, I really don’t care about “perception”, and instead care about what is truly happening. If vendors who make poor choices are living off the FDP, Democrats should know. If the FDP makes bad choices, Democrats should know. The same can be said of the Republican side. Basically, people should know the truth about government, no matter what political party is involved.

With that, I am reopening The Political Hurricane as a non-partisan blog. We welcome Republicans as much as Democrats. Yes, people might say that is “selling out”, but I personally do not care. Accountability has no party affiliation. It is good to be back.

(On a personal note, my Facebook page is only for personal friends, not political stuff, which is the reason I cleaned out all of the political people off of Facebook a few months ago. Please follow on Twitter)

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18 Responses

  1. I am a little confused Dave. You are not a Democrat and you don’t even live in Florida. What makes you qualified to comment on either?

    • Have you heard about ALL of the capabilities of the so-called WORLD WIDE web?

      • When you have a Florida Democratic Party who still use the horse and buggy and communicate by carrier pigeon, or two cans connected by string, do you think they know what the internets are? :)

    • First, apparently the whole “non-partisan” thing must has given you mental block.

      Second, when did it become a rule that you have to live in Florida in order to comment on it? I guess if someone in DC starts talking about Florida on MSNBC, you better cut off their microphone because “they aren’t from Florida”. Damn that Tim Russert! Yeah, what you said did sound that stupid.

      As far as people in Florida, I hate to say it, but your track record isn’t that good. Maybe listening to people outside of Florida is exactly what you need….bring in some next-level thinking :)

      I guess the biggest difference between the old and new Political Hurricane is that I don’t give a rats ass what I say and who gets in the way. You can always not read what I say, which is fine. But as far as my track record, I have been pretty damn good. I warned you about Tant, and you got exactly what I warned you about. So say what you want about me being “qualified”, but when it comes to Florida politics, i’m usually right :)

    • Oh, and Amy Ritter, if you are going to make remarks like this, and you say that you are “in a conference in Kentucky” on your Twitter, and I see that this IP address is from Kentucky (and there is no reason anyone would be commenting on my blog from Kentucky), don’t think I am not going to put two and two together.

      I guess this is what I mean by the lack of “next level thinking”….you really don’t think things through, do you, like your support for Tant. She left you and Susannah high and dry, didn’t she :)

    • Okay, I guess Amy didn’t write that. So, even though I am still not a fan of hers, I guess i am sorry for that. But I did get an email from the person who did write it. Still, the email is funny. You can read it for yourself. I’m still trying to figure out #4.

      Andrew Bell
      10:27 PM (8 minutes ago)

      to me
      Good evening Mr. Trotter,

      I read your colorful and mis-informed retort to my post on your website.

      A couple points.

      1. I personally feel that your disconnect with Florida and Florida politics are exactly why you are unqualified to comment on them. Your sources in this state are biased at best and are using you to further their own agenda. So you are either ignorant of their motivation or complacent with it.

      2. Your reference to getting what we deserved with Allison Tant is a little odd. She oversaw the most successful JJ in recent history if not ever. I am very happy with the job she has done as our party leader.

      3. Amy Ritter had nothing to do with my post from Kentucky.There were at least a dozen people in Kentucky from Florida this weekend at a progressive conference. Someone who claims to be in the know, would have known this. So if you feel like attacking a post, which was clearly posted so as to be anonymous, then I expect to remain anonymous. Instead you thought you were being clever by looking at the IP address I posted from.

      5. If you want to attack me. Then use my name. Andrew Bell, and not that of people who are not involved.

  2. Well, congratulations on, well, whatever epiphany has consumed you. IMHO you seem to have transitioned to a conservative in sheep’s clothing. The green party, particularly Jill Stein, IMHO is one of the few potential alternative solutions to the current gopFAIL / DEMfail conundrum. But, welcome back to the grind…

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  4. Welcome Back to giving another voice out there to the public who needs to have another unvarnished sounding board to read and post opinions about.

    While I don’t agree with your decision to leave the Democratic Party or understand what your “conservative views on immigration” are, I wish every voter who elected Tant as FDP Chair who keep the worthless leadership of Arceneaux and Ulvert and their loosing gravy train of loosing Democratic political consultants had read your behind the scenes investigative stories about what was really was going on at the FDP. And the firings that did take place by Tant has only resulted in the replacement of some woefully inexperienced 20 something’s who have no idea what they are doing.

    Even the “house cleaning” at House Victory has resulted in new faces with the same joke of a political director whose never run a campaign giving his buddies consulting deals.

    So you are absolutely correct about the FDP: new faces…same old BS!

    As much as it pains me to say, I don’t see the Democrats winning the Governor’s race with the current staff at FDP and the new staff in the House Victory office will cause the Dems to fall below the 40 plus they have now.

    With the economy improving and the FDP being out raised three two one in an off election year, this could set up to be a disasterous year for the Democrats because of the poor leadership, poor consultants, infighting and no money to run effective campaigns.

    This will result in Allison Tant and Darryl Rouson to be sent packing.

    If ANY Democrats win ANY races it won’t be because of leadership at the Florida Democratic Party!

    • Honestly, I think it is quite funny. While I did say what I did in this post, I think my return will just piss off people. Since I am in a “nothing to lose” situation and have no intention of returning to Florida politics, I thought that I would just make the lives of those who are screwing up Florida Democratic politics a living hell, and letting people know who funds them, and let Democrats know they are being ripped off by a bunch of small-minded twits.

      Okay, I guess that is my true intention. This will be fun :)

      • Again, Welcome Back and I look forward to your giving the “small minded” self centered incompetent knuckleheads at the FDP a run for their money!

        I look forward to reading and contributing too!

        Good Luck!

  5. Missing all the facts, as a researcher I search for the truth and will do my homework and suggest you do the same. Its one thing to have opinions and it is another to have documented facts.

    Please read the GOP nightmare plans for America. I put together a side-by-side study of the issues that affect everyone in America.

    You may want to change your mind!


    I believe you may be right as to Allison Tant. Only time will tell.

    • I don’t know, it seems you are searching for what you think is the truth. Truth is in the eye of the beholder. Some people consider God a “truth”, I don’t. What makes your truth better than someone else’s truth?

      As far as being a “researcher”, I think you need to be independent in your thinking. When I do “research”, I keep it independent of party. So, when you look at my recent research on the lack of clout in south Florida politics, I do that regardless of party and purely look at unbiased statistics, data and facts.

      On the other hand, when I do “investigating” on issues like Allison Tant, I do not consider that research, as I am clearly taking a position, usually prior to, doing the investigation. Even my pieces on FDP strategy is not “research”, but my own opinion back up by investigation. True, the investigation I do might be hard to prove incorrect, and can even be presented in a research setting, but it is still opinion either way.

      Passing off something as research and then calling it the “GOP nightmare plans for America” isn’t research. It is an investigation of your opinion. If it were to be introduced as “research” at a APSA conference, you would be laughed out of the room.

      I am not claiming to do “research” in my articles on this blog. I present my research on my other blog How The World Votes (which this blog sometimes links). The opinions expressed here will be purely my opinion which is backed up by investigation. Yes, I might be “looking” for things to prove my point, but I present the correct facts nonetheless. As with Allison Tant, I sought to find out more about her because I didn’t trust her as a candidate. So when I released the information I found out about Tant, that was a result of investigation, not “research”.

      As far as my views, sorry, but I am 100% with the Republicans when it comes to immigration. I always have been and always will be.

      • I’m curious of what you think of this attachment as I work with this group also.


  6. It seems to me that a respectful dialogue should open minds when the facts are presented. However, emotion overrides facts in most cases.
    But, I’m pleased this post is back……I don’t think that party affiliations are important here….but a common sense, logical and critical thinking
    approach to the issues and candidates should be the priority….although I may not be agreement with your stance on several of the above issues….it would be interesting to view your reasoning.

    • Actually, ct, these aren’t new stances that I have, but stances I have always held. The thing is that writing about politics in Florida and taking a progressive side, I have to suppress my conservative side. If you look at this entire blog, not once have I taken a stance on immigration. There is a reason for that.

      I wrote a while ago that I joined the Republicans back in 1994 and left a few weeks later. I explained why in this post:


      I became a Republican because I was a big supporter of Pete Wilson. I liked his stance on the issues. Also, I thought he would work in a good bi-partisan setting. Of course, he didn’t do well and I never had a chance to vote for him. So, immigration is a big issue to me. Still, economic conservatism isn’t my thing, so I left the GOP.

      So you might ask why I never wrote about my conservative stances? Well, as I mentioned above, I consider economic issues more important than social issues…and I vote on economic issues. Because of this, there has never been any reason, in the past, to vote for Republicans, as we don’t see eye-to-eye on the economy.

      But with the Democratic Party still holding on to its DLC-style economic platform, why should I vote Democratic? My biggest fear is that Hillary Clinton will be the same economic conservative as Bill Clinton. So, if Hillary is the nominee, and I think Hillary will be another Republican, I will start looking at the social issues as the tie-breaker. And when it comes to social issues, I am more conservative than liberal (which, again, is the reason I really never discussed social issues on this blog).

      So, with that said, socially, I might be more in line with north Florida than I am with south Florida. I know, that sounds weird because of all the articles I have written attacking north Florida, right? But I don’t say that we don’t need to target north Florida because I disagree with them politically. Instead, I say we need to target central and south Florida because it makes the most sense electorally. (might be an idea for an article).

      People who say that we need to target north Florida say so because they are usually personally politically in-line with north Florida. Same thing with south Florida. I look at the as “how will Democrats get the most votes”. I look at voting trends, numbers, what people think, ANES data and the likes to come up with my theories on Florida voting. That is the difference between me and others who work in the FDP…they let ideology determine electoral strategy, which is a fatal mistake.

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