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5 woodworking tips you need to know


Readily accessible to people of all skill levels, budget, and ages, woodworking makes a great, all-gender, all-time hobby. Although you may not become an expert at it immediately, there are plenty of woodworking online websites from where you can get tutorials or free project plans anytime. Some longtime woodworkers have created their own sites from which you can pick up valuable tips like these ones.



Woodworking perfection is never going to be on your horizon

Woodworking is an art that does not create masters in the craft. Nobody who has ever used wood as a medium of expression for their creativity can ever claim to be a true master of the art. The only thing you do achieve is to get better at it with time. Regardless what skilled and seasoned woodworkers declare, no one can claim to be a real master of the craft.

On the way to becoming a better woodworker, you are bound to have screw ups and botched projects that ought to make you learn from your mistakes. There will be instances when you really need to start over regardless how far you’ve come on a project. Bear in mind that you are working with one of the finickiest materials available: wood. Bear in mind that it’s only wood and nothing else.


A good woodworker only uses power tools but should not rely on them fully

Although you may need to go over plenty of literature about power tools, that’s all those devices will ever be. They are just implements that simplify, lighten, and quicken your work pace or increase your productivity. However, regardless if you read more reviews on drill presses and other woodworking tools, it is always patience and practice that can help you overcome the many challenges of woodworking.

Don’t think you are inferior just because you own an inexpensive miter saw as long as the machine can rip a board like it should. Bear in mind that the skilled woodworking artisans of yesteryears didn’t have power tools and yet were able to create what are now acknowledged as masterpieces in the art of woodworking.


Unlike many other things, size is not a make-or-break element in woodworking space

Don’t let the size of your shop define you. You can be a big fish in a small pond, remember? If you only have a quarter of your garage to work in, it will be great for starters. You can always move out to the backyard or driveway when the weather is friendly. You can make awesome things in just a small space.



Each and every woodworker has their own way of doing things

In simple words, there are no right and wrong ways of doing things. The ultimate bottom line is, if it works for you, there’s no way anyone else can say you’re doing it wrong. Woodworking is just one of those things where the end will justify the means. How you go about the task is your choice as long as you get to the finish line.


Safety first

Every tool has a learning curve and you have to invest time in that curve. There will always be an extra feature or a technique that you haven’t discovered yet. Go over online woodworking tutorials and never forget that there are different sources for just a single technique. Stay safe in the workshop and never take safety for granted.