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Odds for upcoming Florida State House races 10/29/2014

Here are The Political Hurricane’s current odds for Democratic wins for all of the Florida State House seats. These current numbers include the recent campaign finance reports, as well as the recent polls from CBS/NY Times, Quinnipiac and Rasmussen. Names listed are the current incumbents.
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Odds for upcoming Florida State House races 7/16/2014

Here are The Political Hurricane’s current odds for Democratic wins for all of the Florida State House seats. These current numbers include the recent campaign finance reports, as well as the recent Survey USA poll, where Rick Scott has a 2% lead over Charlie Crist.
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July Election Progress Report: Florida Democrats still lacking in candidate recruitment.

Republicans with overwhelming advantage over Democrats on every level.

Republicans with overwhelming advantage over Democrats on every level.

Every month, or after every filing deadline, I will be looking at the candidates running for state offices, seeing who has the edge. This purely looks at both parties and see if they are living up to expectations or not. So, this is the first “Election Progress Report”.

Governor’s Race – As of right now, we have Rick Scott and Nan Rich in the running. Eventually, we are expecting Charlie Crist to enter the race. But when will that be? As of right now the Republicans have the advantage purely because of the amount of money raised. But this might tighten up as time passes. Nobody really has an advantage in this race as of right now.
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Latest poll shows Scott improving, but still trailing.

crist-charlie-with-bill-nelsonYesterday, Quinnipiac University released their latest poll on Florida’s race for governor. Despite still being down to Charlie Crist, Governor Rick Scott closed the gap from 14% in the last Quinnipiac poll conducted in March to 10% in this latest poll. In addition to the closing of the poll numbers, the approval rating for Scott has jumped from being in the high-30s to 43% in this poll. In other match ups, Scott is leading former senator Nan Rich 42% to 36%, yet 84% of voters are unfamiliar with Rich. Bill Nelson also held a 10% lead over Crist, 48% to 38%. The only person of interest that wasn’t polled was Alex Sink. But in the previous March Quinnipiac poll, Alex Sink only held a 5% lead over Soctt.

So, what do these polls numbers mean?

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Poor leadership at FDP shows with poor decision making.

Sen. Rich's JJ snub show not only favoritism, but incompetency.

Sen. Rich’s JJ snub show not only favoritism, but incompetency.

Back in 2007, when I worked for John Edwards in Reno, I attended the J-J Dinner which was held the day after the presidential debate between the major candidates. At that dinner, all of the Democratic candidate for president were able to speak at the event. Yes, I met the eventual president Barack Obama. I also met the future vice-president Joe Biden. I also met some of the other candidates, including former Alaska governor Mike Gravel. Basically, the entire Democratic field, even candidates who were not invited to attend the debate on the previous evening, were allowed to speak at the Nevada Democratic Party’s J-J Dinner.

In Florida, it seems we have a different case. The only serious candidate to announce that they are running for any constitutional office position, former Senator Nan Rich, had been told by the Florida Democratic Party that she would not be given a speaking spot at the upcoming J-J Dinner. Mind you, Senator Rich isn’t just someone who threw her name into the mix, with it eventually being removed once the filing deadline rolls around. She is a recent Senate minority leader and has already raised more than what most people expected this far into her campaign. So, Senator Rich’s exclusion from the upcoming J-J Dinner is baffling.
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Today’s PPP poll is released with highly questionable data.

Today, PPP release a poll looking at the Florida governor’s race and found that in a hypothetical match up, Charlie Crist would defeat Rick Scott by a margin of 52% to 40%. While this numbers seem kosher on its face value, there are very serious questions regarding the results which might make this poll obsolete. Before we go into the large errors, let’s look at some other aspects first.

1. Poll conducted of “voters”, not “likely voters”  – In midterm elections, Democratic voter turn out, as well as liberal voter turnout, usually suffers. Therefore, those who are likely to vote in the 2014 election will more than likely be more conservative than the electorate in general, who will be more liberal.

2. Liberals over-sampled – In a typical mid-term election, only about 19% of the electorate identifies themselves as being liberal. This number is consistent in exit polls in the 2002, 2006 and 2010 elections. In this sample, 30% of those who responded identified themselves as either “very liberal” or “somewhat liberal”. While this might be a correct calculation of “voters” in Florida, it is, historically, 11% more than exit polls indicate, which could indicate the discrepancy between “voters” and “likely voters”
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Former Republican is first Democratic House candidate to announce since Rouson’s victory.


Scott Herman, Republican in November…Democrat today.

Less than one month after former Republican Darryl Rouson became head of the candidate recruitment for the Florida Democrats, a former Republican has already announced he is running for House District 93 in Broward County.

This candidate is Scott Herman. For those of you who might find that name familiar, this is the same man who ran against current Democratic Party Leader Perry Thurston in 2012…as a Republican.

Of course, we are not entirely sure if Rouson recruited Herman, who has only been a resident of the State of Florida since 2009. But if he did, then this might be a first mistake of his short term as top candidate recruiter.

This seems to possibly indicate a few things. First, if Rouson did recruit Herman, then Rouson seems to have strong contacts with the Republican Party, even today.
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