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Ratings and Endorsements

2011- 2012 Florida Senate Ratings

Gibson 92 Gardiner 0 Alexander 0 Bogdanoff 0 Braynon 75
Evers 5 Storms 15 Joyner 100 Haridopolos 0 Rich 100
Dean 15 Fasano 43 Siplin 45 Benacquisto 0 Margolis 65
Gaetz 0 Norman 0 Hays 5 Negron 0 Diaz D.L.P. 15
Wise 0 Jones 30 Bennett 0 Smith 90 Richter 0
Montford 55 Oelrich 16 Simmons 0 Sachs 85 Flores 0
Lynn 20 Dockery 50 Detert 15 Sobel 95 Bullard 75
Thrasher 0 Latvala 5 Altman 0 Ring 60 Garcia 10

Democrats in block letter Republicans in bold italics

Senate ratings analysis

House ratings

House ratings analysis

Over the next few weeks, we will be creating a number of new and exciting things on The Political Hurricane. This will, hopefully, become a tool in which you can find out who the true progressive candidates and politicians are.

Endorsements (Note: Because we are going to make endorsement throughout the state, we will not be writing up editorials on all of our endorsements. We will do an editorial when we feel there needs to be one to explain our view. Otherwise, we will put our endorsement below for who we feel the best candidate is for that race).

Barack Obama

2nd Congressional District – Al Lawson

18th Congressional District – Patrick Murphy

22nd Congressional District – Lois Frankel

State Senate

7th District – Frank Bruno

12th District- Geraldine Thompson

27th District – Jeff Clemens

39th District – Dwight Bullard

State House

20th District – Marihelen Wheeler

29th District – Mike Clelland

46th District – Jason Henry

47th District- Linda Stewart

49th District – Joe Saunders

63rd District – Mark Danish

98th District – Louis Reinstein

107th District – Barbara Watson

114th District – Ross Hancock

State Attorney

9th Judicial Circuit – Jeff Ashton

17th Judicial Circuit – Chris Mancini

County and Local
Orange County Sheriff – Jerry Demings

3 Responses

  1. You give rating numbers for the Florida Senators, but I can’t find a rationale by which the numbers or percentages are based?

  2. Where do I find Lee Co. local area endorsements for Judges and School Board?

  3. Please include State Senate District 26 in your ratings and coverage. This district was gerrymandered in the last redistricting fiasco resulting in a “David and Goliath” type contest.

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