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Tips for emigrating to Australia


Deciding to move to another country can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re planning on taking the whole family with you. There are plenty of causes for which people decide to flee to another country, but the most important ones are the economic reasons and the wish for a better life.

For years, Australia has been extremely open about its immigration policy, allowing people who want to start their lives all over to have the chance to do so in a safe environment. But, as much as you would want to believe that emigrating to a different country is easy, you will soon find out that there are countless things you need to consider.

I’m Martin and I want to help you to decide whether moving to Australia is the best thing for you. So, below, you will find my top list of tips to follow if you want to apply for an Australian visa and open your own farm of kangaroos or dine with Nicole Kidman.

Paperwork and documentation

Whether you’re applying for a job visa, a family visa or a student visa, you will have to fill in a lot of paperwork and provide extended documentation about your former jobs, qualifications, and academic performances.

It is extremely important to keep hardcopies both on paper and electronic and double-check all the documentation you need prior to applying for a visa. All the information you require is provided by the Australian authorities but keep in mind that this is a long-term process and you need to be patient and calm if you want to move to Australia.   


Verified and valid information

Keep in mind that all the documentation you provide will be double-checked for accuracy and verification. This means that it is best to be completely honest from the beginning and not try to impress others with an impressive educational resume when it’s not the case. The more sincere you are about your capabilities and your former background, the more chances you have of being accepted in the community.

Also consider the fact that the authorities will have to also check your social media background and look for inconsistencies or any discrepancies between the person you describe yourself in the papers and the person you really are online. So, it is now best to de-tag yourself from all embarrassing situations although you think they’re cute and start building a more professional profile on social media.


People vouching for you

It is always easier if you have a close friend or relative who already lives in Australia or has an Australian citizenship. As long as they have an honest job and pay all their taxes on time, as well as don’t have any criminal record, they can make the perfect advocates for you.

However, don’t try and bribe locals by pretending they are your friends or relatives so they can help you with the immigration process. Again, authorities will have to verify both of your stories before giving you the visa.