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What do Australians do for fun?



If you’ve been considering moving to Australia, it might be high time for you to start learning about some Aussie habits when it comes to entertainment. What do people Down Under do for fun? Fortunately, this country is blessed with some of the most amazing sights in the world, and that’s why most of its inhabitants know how to swim, surf, or engage in various other types of water sports.


Fishing can be done in Australia in a wide array of places. There is free public access to most canals, lagoons, beaches, as well as coasts, and all of these represent wonderful spots for anglers. The fishing license cost is more or less similar to what you’d have to pay for it in any American state.



Remember the old saying that Aussies like to throw a shrimp on the barbie on the weekends? While that might be a grave exaggeration of things seeing how they don’t even call shrimp by this name (instead, they call it ‘prawn’), the fact is that they do enjoy their barbecues quite often.

They have great weather, which means that the opportunities for get-togethers in someone’s backyard are pretty much endless. Besides, their summer lasts a lot longer compared to what it lasts in some other areas on the planet.


What do Australians eat?

When it comes to iconic Aussie foods, several things might come to mind, but the first one is without a doubt Vegemite. Next, you have meat pies, which is somewhat peculiar considering that some Aussies like them and others think of them as being awful. They also love to eat fish and chips, chicken parmigiana, and some things that are downright bizarre. Did you know that supermarkets even sell kangaroo meat?

They also have this thing for placing beetroot pretty much on any type of savory type of food, and in burgers, too. The beet is, of course, pickled, so if you don’t like it you always have to make sure you specify your preferences when placing your order.

Lawn bowling

Lawn bowling is very popular with Australians, and they even have clubs for the pastime, even in the smallest cities in the country. While it’s true that it’s a little more popular with older Aussies, it still is one of this people’s favorite hobbies.

After spending a whole day on their feet, Aussies like to relax with a beer and watch TV. Women might go for something a little more relaxing and use a Kendal foot spa or something else in these lines. In actuality, self-pamper is very important for Aussie women as they take really good care of themselves. It’s not a surprise they’re so beautiful.