I support Edwards in 2008, and this is why.

Well, if you didn’t know this already, this blog, with an editorial staff of one, is endorsing John Edwards for President.
I supported John Edwards for President in 2004, and decided to do so in 2008, no matter what other candidates announce. I have decided not to support Gore if he ran in the primaries, but will be just as happy if he gets the nomination.
There is a number of reasons that I am supporting Edwards for President in 2008.
– Free Trade: Edwards opposed NAFTA and opposed CAFTA. He is opposed to many free trade agreements, which, in hindsight, we see is only used to send jobs overseas and doesn’t really help our economy.

– Helping the Poor: Yes, a lot of his campaign is focused on the poor. He understands what it is like to go from paycheck to paycheck as his family grew up in a poor, small South Carolina town.
I feel that none of the other candidates understand the needs of the poor. They don’t understand what it is like to worry about not having the ability to pay your bills. Many of these other candidate see what the poor go through when they make their tours around the nation, but then go to their posh office desks to discuss what they want to do to help the poor. Edwards actually knows what it is like.
– Public Education: I feel that Edwards will focus on public education more than the other candidates. Edwards is a product of public education, from elementary school all the way to law school. He knows how important public education is, and understands that you don’t need to attend Harvard or Yale to go for in our nation. It is time that we really had a candidate that knows what public education can do for people, if run correctly.
– Iraq: Edwards said “I was wrong” when it came to giving the President the authority to send our sons and daughters into war. Unlike Hillary, who won’t take a position on the war, Edwards has. And the words that he used, “I was wrong”, is strong and powerful.
Here is Edwards’ plan in Iraq, as laid out in his November 13th, 2005 Editorial in the Washington Post:
1. we need to remove the image of an imperialist America from the landscape of Iraq. American contractors who have taken unfair advantage of the turmoil in Iraq need to leave Iraq. If that means Halliburton subsidiary KBR, then KBR should go. Such departures, and the return of the work to Iraqi businesses, would be a real statement about our hopes for the new nation.
2. this redeployment should work in concert with a more effective training program for Iraqi forces. We should implement a clear plan for training and hard deadlines for certain benchmarks to be met. To increase incentives, we should implement a schedule showing that, as we certify Iraqi troops as trained and equipped, a proportional number of U.S. troops will be withdrawn.
3. we must launch a serious diplomatic process that brings the world into this effort. We should bring Iraq’s neighbors and our key European allies into a diplomatic process to get Iraq on its feet. The president needs to create a unified international front
Here is the link for this article, which tells what Edwards feels we need to do in Iraq.
– Health Care: In 2004, Edwards supported the need for health care for all children. Now he has abandoned that approach and supports health care for everyone. Yes, a universal health care plan.
And there are many other qualites that Edwards has, and that is the reason that I support him.
There is a worry to some people that Edwards concentrates too much on the poor. According to Democratic strategist Chris Lehane “The issue of poverty reminds people about Democratic values.” Good point Chris.
Still, I have picked Edwards over the other possible candidates for these reason.
Hillary Clinton: While I think Hillary would be an excellent president when it comes to domestic policy, I feel that her answers on Iraq are quite disappointing. Honestly, he hasn’t had any answers. For anyone to make a serious run for the Presidency, they will need to address Iraq, and she doesn’t.
Otherwise, I praise her work on health care in the early 1990s, and think she would be a great president to address this issue.
Oh, also, she can’t win a general.
Barack Obama: Ok, if you have read my blog the last few weeks, you know the answer. Obama is, what the public sees, a good speaker. But actions speak louder than words. He doesn’t have the experience to be President. He will abandon the citizens of Illinois, my home state, as Senator for his own benefit, not the benefit of the people of Illinois.
What is more important is that Obama doesn’t have any soultions. Obama does a good job of telling us what is wrong in American, but the man doesn’t come up with any solutions of his own. This hollowness makes me wonder if he understands policy.
Oh, also, he can’t win a general.
Tom Vilsack: I won’t beat around the Bush (yeah, I have a habit to capitalize Bush), I really don’t know much about Vilsack. His website still doesn’t tell us his position on the issues. He has made the same mistake as Wesley Clark did, not having all your ducks in a row before making your announcement to run for President.
We need to know a little more about you Tom.
Joe Biden: Prior to 2006, I was supporting Biden to run for President. But his support for Condi being Secretary of State upset me. I think we realize now how much of a useless puppet she is.
Biden, in 2005 and the start of 2006, did all of his decision on polling data. He would vote which ever way the wind blows. We need to get rid of these politicians.
Now Biden is starting to vote more progressive, but that is a little too late Joe.
Dennis Kucinich: I like the guy. He says a lot of things that I support. But there are two reasons that I could not support him. The first was that he ran the City of Cleveland into bankrupcy when he was mayor.
And, of course, two, he can’t win.
Al Gore: I would love to support Al Gore in a heartbeat, but I can’t. The first reason is that, and this might sound bad, that he didn’t run in 2004. The country NEEDED Al Gore in 2004, and he didn’t run. When the country needs you, you need to answer that call.
Second, he supported NAFTA when he was VP. Now, I don’t know if that is because Clinton supported it. Still, he did, and we need to get rid of NAFTA, not just make revisions.
These are the reasons that I am endorsing John Edwards for President in 2008.


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