Two polls show Scott taking lead, but don’t worry.

Scott takes the lead...not so fast, my friends!

Two polls released this morning show that the Republican candidate for Governor, Rick Scott, was now leading Democrat Alex Sink by a small margin.

Still, even with these poll numbers, there is no reason to panic. The first poll that was conducted was taken by Voter Survey Service, a Republican polling firm that always tends to point the numbers in their direction. Their poll was taken for Sunshine State News, a right-wing publication which is very anti-Democratic.

In this poll, Scott was leading Sink by two points, still within the three-point margin of error. The result was 44% for Scott and 42% for Sink, with a whopping 14% undecided, even this late in the game.

The other poll which shows Scott in the lead was conducted by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, need I say more. This poll shows Scott with 46% of the vote, while Sink continues to hold at 42%. Again, a large 12% are undecided.

In interesting thing about this poll is not the Governor’s race, but this U.S. Senate race instead. This poll is showing that Charlie Crist is starting to gain on Marco Rubio. In the Chamber’s poll, Rubio has 40%, while Crist is at 33%. Democrat Kendrick Meek continues to fall, and is at 16% in this poll. Of course, the weak number for Meek are expected in a Chamber poll.

In the other polls conducted by the chamber, the results favor the Republicans with a large number of undecideds, which is to be expected in the lesser-known races. Here are the Chamber’s results:

· ATTORNEY GENERAL: Pam Bondi leading Dan Gelber, 38% to 26%

· CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER: Jeff Atwater leading Loranne Ausley 38% to 24%

· AGRICULTURE COMMISSIONER: Adam Putnam leading Scott Mattox , 36% to 28%


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