Rubio lies, lack of substance, are exposed in recent debate.


Does Rubio think that mice have fully functioning human brains as well?


While most people, according to an Orlando Sentinel online poll, said that Marco Rubio was the “hands down” winner of Wednesday’s televised debate, his  lack of any type of plan should still make Floridians wonder if he is the right man for the job. In addition, Rubio  flat-out lied about not only his position on certain issues, but parts of Obama’s health care plan as well.

So lets dive right in.

The debate started off talking about Social Security. Moderator George Stephanopoulos started by asking Marco Rubio about a recent add that was released by the Crist campaign, questioning Rubio’s position. Here is the commercial:

Of course, in classic Rubio flip-flop fashion, he said that the Crist flat-out lied about his position on Social Security and said that they commercial was unfounded. Crist responded by saying that these words came from the candidate himself. Lets look at the video that was referenced in this add and see if you agree:

Yet, throughout the debate, Rubio continued to deny that he supports both a raise in the retirement age and the privatization of Social Security, even with a video showing him supporting that exact position. Yes, he actually said that we should look at the retirement age, but how many Tea Party Express candidates support “lowering” the age? Exactly.

Another issue that Rubio hammered on was the failure of the “Obamacare” plan. Rubio said throughout the debate that “Obamacare has failed.” Really? We can tell that Obamacare has “failed” when only one part of “Obamacare”, which is the preexisting conditions to high-risk pool clause, which many Republicans actually supported, is enacted? We can really tell that “Obamacare” has failed when 95% of the bill hasn’t even kicked in yet? Yep, another Rubio lie.

But this is where I have to slam Kendrick Meek. Why didn’t Meek bring up this point? Why didn’t he state that an overwhelming majority of this bill hasn’t even kicked in? How come I, a person sitting in my office with just my laptop, can notice this major flaw in the debate on the fly, yet Mr. Meek doesn’t? Yes, he made some important points about 3,500 Floridians losing their health insurance every month, and that he voted for the health care bill. But this was something that he could have used to slam Rubio and label him as uneducated on federal issues, which I feel is the case.

But even with these two lies, Rubio continued to never give solutions and never stated what he has done for the people of Florida. Never during the debate did you hear Rubio say “as your Senator, I will…(insert policy here).” He never gave any solutions to any of the problems that is facing both the state and the nation. On the other hand, and I guess to be fair to Rubio, Meek and Crist didn’t mention what they would really do as Senator either.

Still, Rubio also didn’t state what he has done for the state either. Both Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek talked about their voting record. In the case of Crist, he talked about his experience as both Governor and Attorney General, in addition to slamming many of Rubio’s spending practices. For Meek, he talked about his many votes in Congress.

Yet Rubio never said “when I was Speaker I did…(insert policy here)…for Florida.” Why didn’t he point out is so-called “successes” as a member of the Florida House of Representatives yet his opponents pointed out theirs? Maybe Rubio knows that his vision for Florida isn’t inline with the mainstream Florida voter.

After this debate, Marco Rubio proved two things. First, he proved that he can continue to lie about his view on the issues, and on issues in general. What is sad is that both Meek and Crist haven’t called him out on these lies.

Second, Rubio continues to prove that he is an empty suit that has absolutely no solutions for the State of Florida. In addition, he can’t tell you what he has done for the State of Florida either.


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