Trotter’s Take: Maddow spending too much time on DADT? your soapbox for 20 days. Please! I beg!

It is Wednesday night, and I am sitting in front of the television watching Larry King Live. I usually don’t watch Larry King, but I am tonight for two reasons. First, Michael Moore is on. Any time I have a chance to watch about Michael Moore, I take it.

The second reason that I am watching Larry King is because Rachel Maddow, who I always watch at this time, has an hour-long special on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Now, before I give my opinion, I favor the repealing of DADT.

But there is a point were you can talk about the issue way too much. And Rachel Maddow and her constant debate on the DADT policy is getting a little, well, old.

See, this is where the Republicans have learned something, yet us Democrats never seem to “get it”. And what is that exactly?

Republicans have learned that the way to push their agenda is to win elections first. And while the 2010 election year has been kind of crazy, in the past, Republican have hid their crazy ideas from the electorate, and just wait until they take that oath of office to push their radical agenda.

On the other hand, Democrats always seem to raise the issues that are either unpopular or that they are on the wrong side of. We saw it with taxes and Walter Mondale in 1984. We saw it with Michael Dukakis and the death penalty in 1988. And now we see it with our friends in the liberal media, like Rachel Maddow.

In the first two cases (1984 and 1988), the Republicans were able to use an issue to exploit the fact that Democrats were out of touch with the American people. And in both cases, the Republicans were led to large landslide victories in both of those Presidential elections.

But in this case, regarding DADT, the Democrats and American people are on the same page. Poll after poll shows that a majority of the people support the repeal of DADT, which is a good thing. But in many of the same polls, when asked what the most important issues are to voters, DADT doesn’t even appear as a blip on the map.

This is where the Democrats always make their mistakes. Republicans want Democrats to talk about DADT. It isn’t an issue that most people really care about. That is why, as a person that is pretty politically active, I am watching the rescue of the Chilean miners on Larry King (along with Michael Moore) instead of Rachael Maddow.

With the election just 20 days away, people like Maddow need to concentrate on issues that will either fire the Democratic base up or sway independent voters. And, luckily for us, the whole Chamber of Commerce’s foreign money issue has been our golden egg. Russ Feingold learned on Monday how powerful this issue can be. This issue alone could help Feingold creep up in the polls and take down Ron Johnson, who has had a decent lead over the last month.

But yet Maddow still sticks to DADT. Yes, it is important. Yes, it needs to be dealt with. But we only have 20 more days to try to wrap up this election. Rachel, can you just wait until November 3rd to talk about this issue again…please?

We can hammer the Republicans on their craziness right now. We can hammer them on the fact that they just lie about many issues, as Marco Rubio proves time and time again. We can talk about how they are not in touch with the average American, and how the influx of foreign money into The Chamber is a contradiction to the American way of life. Hell, I bet if we want to pull a typical dirty GOP trick, I’m sure we can find that some of the businesses that support The Chamber also have “links to terrorism.” I don’t know if that is the case, but just a thought.

Republicans try to win an election at any cost. And while integrity is important, and the main thing that separates Democrats from Republicans, Democrats don’t ever want to roll up their sleeves and fight on their battle ground. We almost use these elections years to stand on our soapboxes instead of trying to win.

So, Rachel, I love your show, I never miss it. But please, get off your soapbox for DADT for the next 20 days, and get back to hitting Republicans where it hurts. Winning this election should be top priority right now, and 20 days isn’t a long time to do it.

And I promise, after November 2nd, you can talk about DADT all you want.


2 thoughts on “Trotter’s Take: Maddow spending too much time on DADT?

  1. I can’t believe I’m responding to a politics post, but you’re right on this.

    I remember when there were so many bigger issues out there, or that could have waited in 2004, but Gavin Newsom changed the focus from an issue Americans cared more about, the war in Iraq, to gay marriage.

    Look what happened then. Maddow might have her intentions in the right place, but strategically, so close to an election, it’s counter-productive to her goals..

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