The Political Hurricane Podcast – April 7th, 2012

The first Political Hurricane podcast is now available!

Kartik Krishnaiyer and Dave Trotter discuss the latest in the redistricting battle. They take a look at how the current maps look and what it means in the elections for State Senate and Congress.

They also look at the maps that were recently proposed by the League of Women Voters and compare them with the maps that have come out of the Legislature.

Finally, both look at the battle for the U.S. Senate race, where the Democrats might now have the advantage.
From this point on, The Political Hurricane will have a weekly podcast that will air every Saturday at approximately 7 AM ET. These are not live and are recorded. An archive of all our podcasts will be located at the podcast tab at the top of your page.

Click HERE to listen to the latest podcast.

The podcast is 43 minutes long and in MP3 format. We will hopefully be on iTunes soon (and if anyone knows how to get the podcast on iTunes, please email, as we aren’t having any luck. Not too internet savvy over here).


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