2011-2012 Political Hurricane Progressive Policy House Scorecard





Some important notes about these ratings:

  • 20 House votes covering the subjects of legal reform, education, women’s reproductive rights, regulation of firearms, environmental issues, election “reform,” tax and budgetary matters, redistricting and privatization of government services were used to determine these scores. These ratings cover the 2011 and 2012 sessions.
  • No committee votes were used nor were co-sponsorships of bills although the Political Hurricane will have a full report and scorecard on this before we issue letter “grades” for the 2011 & 2012 sessions.
  • Similar to ADA or ACU ratings for the Congress, several partisan tinged votes were considered. These include votes both sessions on the budget.
  • We will be formatting this chart and the ratings in a more aesthetically pleasing manner in the near future and storing them on the ratings & endorsements page of this website


       Doug Broxson (R)                          0

       Clay Ingram (R)                              0

       Clay Ford (R)                                 0

       Matt Gaetz (R)                               0

       Brad Drake (R)                              0

       Jimmy Patronis (R)                         0

       Marti Coley (R)                              0

       Alan Williams (D)              80

       Michelle Rewinkel Vasilinda (D) 77

       Leonard L. Bembry (D)                20

       Elizabeth W. Porter (R)                0

       Janet H. Adkins (R)                      0

       Daniel Davis (R)                           0

       Mia Jones (D)                               95

       Reggie Fullwood (D)                    90

       Charles McBurney (R)                 0

       Lake Ray (R)                                0

       Doc Renuart (R)                           0

       Michael B. Weinstein (R)            5

       William L. Proctor (R)                 0

       Charles Van Zant (R)                   0

       Keith Perry (R)                             0

       Charles Chestnut IV (D)              70

       Dennis Baxley (R)                        0

       Larry Metz (R)                             0

       Fred Costello (R)                         0

       Dwayne L. Taylor (D)                100

       Dorothy L. Hukill (R)                 0

       Tom Goodson (R)                       5

       Ritch Workman (R)                    0

       John Tobia (R)                            0

       Steve Crisafulli (R)                     0

       Jason Brodeur (R)                       0

       Chris Dorworth (R)                     0

       Dean Cannon (R)                        0

       Scott Randolph (D)                     86

       Scott Plakon (R)                          0

       Bryan Nelson (R)                        0

       Geraldine F. Thompson (D)        95

       Eric Eisnaugle (R)                       0

       Steve Precourt (R)                       0

       H. Marlene O’Toole (R)              0

       Jimmie Todd Smith (R)              0

       Robert C. Schenck II (R)            0

       Richard Corcoran (R)                 0

       John Legg (R)                             0

       James W. Grant (R)                  0

       Peter Nehr (R)                          0

       Darren Soto (D)                       75

       Ed Hooper (R)                         0

       Larry Ahern (R)                      0

       Jeff Brandes (R)                      0

       Rick Kriseman (D)                 100

       James Frishe (R)                     0

       Darryl Ervin Rouson (D)        80

       Rachel Burgin (R)                   0

       Dana Young (R)                      0

       Janet Cruz (D)                         95

       Betty Reed (D)                        100

       Shawn Harrison (R)                 0

       Will Weatherford (R)              0

       Richard Glorioso (R)               5

       Seth McKeel (R)                      0

       Kelli Stargel (R)                      0

       John Wood (R)                        0

       Ben Albritton (R)                    0

       Greg Steube (R)                      0

       Jim Boyd (R)                           0

       Ray Pilon (R)                          5

       Doug Holder (R)                     0

       Kenneth Roberson (R)            0

       Paige Kreegel (R)                   0

       Matt Caldwell (R)                   0

       Gary Aubuchon (R)                0

       Trudi Williams (R)                 0

       Kathleen Passidomo (R)         10

       Denise Grimsley (R)               5

       Steven Perman (D)                 85

       Mike Horner (R)                    0

       Debbie Mayfield (R)              0

       Gayle Harrell (R)                  10

       William Snyder (R)              10

       Pat Rooney (R)                      0

       Mack Bernard (D)                70

       Joseph Abruzzo (D)             80

       Lori Berman (D)                  100

       Bill Hager (R)                      0

       Mark Pafford (D)                 100

       Jeff Clemens (D)                  95

       Irving Slosberg (D)              100

       George Moraitis (R)             0

       Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed (D) 90

       Perry Thurston (D)             100

       Hazelle P. Rogers (D)         78

       Jim Waldman (D)               80

       Ari Porth (D)                       80

       Martin David Kiar (D)        90

       Franklin Sands (D)             85

       Elaine Schwartz (D)          100

       Evan Jenne (D)                  95

       Matt Hudson (R)               0

       Eduardo Gonzalez (R)      0

       Barbara Watson (D)         94

       John Patrick Julien (D)    50

       Joseph Gibbons (D)         80


       Luis Garcia (D)                100

       Daphne Campbell (D)      65

       Cynthia Stafford (D)        90

       Jose Oliva (R)                  5

       Erik Fresen (R)                5

       Jeanette Nuñez (R)          5

       Carlos Lopez-Cantera (R) 5

       Ana Rivas Logan (R)      5

       Jose Felix Diaz (R)         5

       Carlos Trujillo (R)          5

       Michael Bileca (R)         0

       Dwight M. Bullard (D)   100

       Frank Artiles (R)            5

       Ronald Saunders (D)      70



20 thoughts on “2011-2012 Political Hurricane Progressive Policy House Scorecard

  1. As these scores prove the House is not even worth following. The only thing worthwhile about the House is that some of these members may become Senators. The Dems are less and less loyal and the Republicans have completely lost their marbles. Worthless.

  2. Palm Beach did very well. We’ve got a lot of young leadership in Joe Abruzzo, Mack Bernard and Lori Berman emerging. I am very proud of all of them for towing the line and scoring so well.

  3. You are joking right? Berman is fine, but Abruzzo and Bernard? They are doing the bare minimum to prove they are Democrats.

  4. Agree with PBC Must Change. Morning Star Again. This one has a hard-on for Abruzzo and the crazy people. Can you read? They must have been educated in Florida. They are not so good with numbers.

  5. Three notable and worrying trends here:

    Black Democrats from south Florida have become less reliably liberal over time. Thurston and Bullard the only really good ones.

    Broward/Palm Beach Dems no longer monolitcally liberal.

    The Tampa Bay area Republicans have gotten really hard core conservative.

    All bad ones for the future.

  6. Bernard, Abruzzo, And Perman are all voting more conservatively than their constituencies.

    All three are no good in my opinion.

  7. Im not Laxer and yet blog about her because while she is not the be all and end all of the possible changes we need . .. She is certainly a bright light that will shine on a dim county if she runs, .

  8. This is an ugly picture. How can we have a “leader” who votes with the other side 30% of the time on key issues?

    He has been a disaster.

  9. If she is such a bright light why isn’t she out there helping promote the candidates and causes we all care about?

  10. Morning Star you are too busy pushing candidates that support vouchers and NRA. We want new people and I know Laxer from FAU (she was at our debate the other day) and she supports all of us! Whoever you are you need to stop attacking her. She is GREAT! And she is real. It is people like you that is the reason why young people are not involved. We talked to her about what we are angry and the issues. We need good people people. Bernard is good and so is Pafford. Rader is rude and Perman…who is that? Abruzzo…come on.

  11. Julien and Campbell are really bad.

    I think we need to begin holding some of these members more accountable. Heckle them, scream, protest, whatever. Some horrible rankings here for so called liberals.

  12. Saunders & Sands have both been weak & ineffectual leaders who’ve allowed the caucus to descend into chaos. Thruston will be better.

  13. I think Rubio’s victory and that of Scott also reinforced that their is a price for dissention in the GOP ranks. Nehr for example was once quite moderate but after backing Crist he needs to be careful and rebuild trust with the leadership and is voting badly.

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