Trotter’s Commentary: Florida Justice Doin’ It Again!

Wonder how much Florida Justice will throw into Pam Bondi’s campaign in 2014?

A few years ago, John Morgan decided to leave Florida Justice. Along with Mr. Morgan, a number of other people went with him. Some said they would return to the organization as soon as some changes were made. Of course, Mr. Morgan still isn’t with Florida Justice.

Today, while some people had hoped that things would change, it hasn’t. In fact, some might even say that it has become worse. With today’s financial filings coming out, this can be easily confirmed.

In the race for State House in District 42, Florida Justice decided to give money to Mike Horner, a Republican who is absolutely in the tank with the Florida Chamber, AIF and everyone that, supposedly, Florida Justice opposes. Back in the day, the Florida Trial Lawyers really did show that they cared about the issues. Now, they are making decisions that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Florida Justice has done the same in House District 63 where Florida Justice is backing Republican Shawn Harrison over Democrat Mark Danish.

Still, we should have seen this move coming from a mile away. When Florida Justice had Republican Albert Balido as their political director, many Democrats could already see the writing on the wall. And after Balido left the political director position, there might have been a ray of sunlight.

Florida Justice PAC’s director now is Steve Schale. Considered a hero by some Democrats for bringing the Florida House Democrats to a amazing 34.17% of control of the House (yes, I am being sarcastic) as well as somehow letting Obama under-perform in Florida compared to the national average by 5%, some of us thought that things would change at Florida Justice.

Instead, they seem to be throwing money at Republicans as if they don’t care. So, what needs to be asked of Florida Justice is, bluntly, “what the hell does Florida Justice stand for”?  They obviously don’t want to put money behind people that will support their issues, that is for certain.

But there seems to be some myth in the Florida Justice circles that if they start throwing money at Republicans that somehow they will vote with Florida Justice on the issues. Guess what FJA….not going to happen! Sorry Florida Justice, but you will always be outspent by the Florida Chamber, AIF and every single business that they can get to contribute to the Republican campaigns that actually seek to kill any legislation that you support.

I hoped that with Schale being the director of Florida Justice PAC that things would change. But as we now can see, it hasn’t changed. Florida Justice is a sell out. John Morgan was right. And while the unions continue to strongly support Democrats, Florida Justice has become the Benedict Arnold of Florida politics.

Florida Justice is on the brink of becoming the most obsolete organization in Tallahassee. Those Democrats that seek support from trial lawyers are now doing it more on an individual basis instead of going to Florida Justice for support. And the people that Florida Justice is throwing money to, like Republicans, will vote against their legislation most of the time.

So, again, the question must be asked….”what the hell is the use of Florida Justice”? Yeah, I can’t find it either.


17 thoughts on “Trotter’s Commentary: Florida Justice Doin’ It Again!

  1. Dave,
    Do not work under the assumption the Unions are always with the Democrats. A few years back Pat Emerett and her AFL-CIO gang backed Warren Newell, a Republican over Harriet Leman a Good hard working Democrat. We all remember how that turned out. Is Warren out of jail yet ? How about all the non-union shops some Democrats use to produce their posters and literature (Susan Booker).

  2. Um the FJA has to protect its interests and considering the number if dems that voted for tort reform measures in order to raise insurance money can you blame them?

    Horner actually worked with then on a few issues.

  3. I don’t think this is one of your better pieces or arguments honestly. Love this site, but FJA has been screwed eight ways to Sunday by the House demos under Saunders and Sands and have no need to give to D’s except especially loyal ones right now. The Senate is a different matter, but in the House they don’t need to waste money and time on the Dems.

  4. They will be more screwed under the House Republicans. That is a fact. But I hear you on Saunders.

  5. I understand that as well, but I think they are 1000% more loyal to their causes. FJA doesn’t have any principles to stand by, and they are proving it again this election cycle.

  6. Horner voted for several claims bills against the GOP leadership. That’s why they back him. Savvy decision on their part. The insurance companies aren’t thrilled with Horner because of that.

  7. This is great news!!!!! The more Republicans FJA back, the more that will lose! The trial lawyers are total losers when it comes down to it.

    The Trial Lawyers seized being Democrats long ago.

    As for Morgan he quit after a racist mailer the FJA sent out attacking John Thrasher in a Republican Primary.

    They can back Republicans all they want. The incompetence of the trial lawyer leadership in the state is part of the reason we are in such a terrible position as a party. They will destroy their new Republican allies the same way they undermined us!

    Screw them. The more Republicans they back the better for us. Maybe they can start sabotaging the GOP the way they have Dems for years.

    This is actually excellent excellent news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Obviously you don’t really follow FJA or legal issues do you? Horner and Harrison have both been fantastic in blocking the insurance companies from seizing millions of dollars in claims. They have defied both Cannon and Saunders in doing this.

    I typically like this site but is the least well researched and least sensible article on here as long as I have been reading.

    Keep up the good work on other areas and next time you write about legal issues actually check the record.

  9. All are entitled to their opinion. But it doesn’t matter, Democrats in this state are doomed. Even with that said, the FJA has been a non-factor in politics for a while. And as far as Horner and Harrison, please show where there has been a “history” of them backing true progressive legal reform. Yes, they might have voted here or there on some of the issues, but show me a history. Of course, I can’t look at Florida Justice’s key legislative issues because one needs a membership to “access” their information on their website. Hell, the Florida Chamber doesn’t even do this!!

    But please, show me a “history” of both of these men supporting progressive legislative agendas. I mean, even Ric Keller supported the increase of the minimum wage at the federal level, so the AFL-CIO should have thrown millions into his bid against Grayson, right? Your logic would assume that he should do that.

    Either one thing or the other is going on here. Either these two legislators voted a couple of times on legislation and that is all it takes to get the FJA’s support. Or the key views and issues of the FJA has changed, thus making them more in tuned with Republicans. It would be nice to know which one it is. Again, John Morgan didn’t leave for no reason.

    Yes, it might be harsh when I criticize an organization that some that have commented here are a part of, but the facts are the facts. I challenge you, Jack, to show me that consistent record of accomplishments that either one of these legislators have supported over the last two or four years. The clock is ticking…….

  10. It would be appropriate and ethical
    If you

    1- Disclose you are a paid employee of Horner’s Democratic opponent.

    2- Disclose you endorsed Harrison’s potential Democratic opponent

    If you think the trial lawyers are screwing Democrats you have read an alternate history then the rest of us.

    This blog has some excellent content but stories like this make you lose credibility.

  11. I have the record guys.

    Harrison 4 for 4 on claims bills.

    Horner 3 for 4 on claims bills.

    Horner ran amendments on PIP and workers comp that the leadership did not want.

    Some of these amendments no Democrat would run.

    Under Saunders and Sands, the House Ds have been very anti FJA.

    On the Senate side Fasano has been the most effective legislator for the causes. Nan Rich solid but Lawson wasn’t great either. Atwater was mixed. Hairdopolous awful. Simmons excellent in the Senate.

    Horner and especially Harrison have been effective checks on Cannon and Cretul. They aren’t the only Republicans who get it and are moderate on legal issues but two if the better ones.

  12. Both of these issues have been addressed on this website a few times, so it has been fully disclosed.

    Second, I only see info on claims bills and nothing more. Is this a one-trick pony?

    Third, Horner and Harrison aren’t the target of this article. I congratulate them on being able to get FJA’s traditionally Democratic support. So kudos to Mike and Shawn on that. The target of this article is FJA and nothing more. And since Horner and Harrison aren’t the targets of this article, I don’t see what the issue is.

  13. EG you have previously defended the party. I tend to agree with you on FJA and being put in the box by the FDP and House Victory. Recent Democratic House leaders have been more anxious to stay on the good side of insurance and the doctors. House “Victory” is heavily dependent on monies from anti Trial Lawyer interests to fund the few candidates they actually help.

    So I ask you sincerely. If you are on FJA’s side, why have you defended the party? They are the ones to blame for all of this.

    I do believe FJA should not be backing Horner, Harrison, etc. When it comes down to it they will probably vote for Tort Reform if it comes up, which ultimately should be a concern and that is why FJA has to be careful unless they think these Republicans can weaken the legislation.

  14. Trotter has been paid by Game. Put a disclaimer next time guys. Please for your own sake. I LOVE this site but you must disclose who you work with or you will lose people.

  15. We will. In agree on the disclaimer (we generally disclose these things as previous posts indicate) and this one may have slipped through the cracks but that does not change the underlying premise of his article.

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