Little Mack Attacks the Tampa Bay Times: Unveiling The True Meaning

The campaign manager for Connie Mack IV sent a scathing letter to Florida’s newspaper of record the St Pete, ah I mean Tampa Bay Times this week. The letter itself is so comical and provocative no actual commentary on its content is needed. But we figured we would have some fun with it nonetheless. My comments are in bold under various sections of the letter.

July 16, 2012

Tim Nickens
Editor of Editorials
Tampa Bay Times
490 First Avenue South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

To the Editor:

That the Tampa Bay Times didn’t endorse Connie Mack’s campaign for the U.S. Senate came as little surprise to anyone yesterday. It also came as little surprise that you readily endorsed incumbent liberal Senator Bill Nelson. After all, barely a day goes by when Adam Smith or someone on his staff doesn’t attack Connie or doesn’t protect Bill Nelson. It’s who you are.

Mack though the dimmest bulb currently serving in public office from our state does at least have the cognitive ability to memorize right wing talking points regarding the media.

Adam Smith and your newspaper have been waging a tireless campaign against conservatives and Republicans. You always have and apparently you always will. It’s evident in every political story you write.

Tell this to any number of Democrats around the state who feel the Times has been unfair to them.

Connie has crisscrossed the state for months working tirelessly to meet voters and express his ideals even though you snidely suggest in your editorial that he’s coasting along doing nothing, and even while Bill Nelson barely campaigns.

Perhaps it is because Bill Nelson is spending his time in the US Senate working for Floridians of all races, backgrounds and ideologies. Barnstorming the state campaigning is what challengers do, and it does not mean they have done anything of substance.

Your attacks on Connie are reminiscent of your brutal attacks on his father when he ran for the U.S. Senate. It’s fair to state that former Senator Connie Mack was perhaps the finest U.S. Senator to have ever served, but your Left Wing venom could not be contained then or now.

Finest US Senator to have ever served? Finer than Frank Church, Philip Hart, Everett Dirksen, etc? Mack’s 1988 win was unfortunate as Buddy MacKay would have been a true advocate for Florida.

It’s your newspaper and it’s your right to cover or manufacture news however you like.

The Times reports the news. FOX News manufactures it.

But what people find offensive and intellectually dishonest is your refusal to admit that Adam Smith’s agenda is Left Wing and Democrat, as is your newspaper. You have and will endorse Bill Nelson and Barack Obama in spite of the fact that their records are dismal and they have failed Floridians at almost every level.

Adam Smith is an objective reporter respected by Floridians in both parties. He has taken plenty of shots at Democrats over the years. The Times is the paper of record in our state. A bible for those who want fair and objective reporting that does not protect politicians, special interest groups or high paid lobbyists. Obviously Mack is looking for the same preferential treatment from the Times he gets from FOX News and right wing blogs across the country.

You oppose the Super PACs because finally the courts have said that your newspaper cannot have a monopoly on speech in the Tampa market. Finally free citizens banding together can speak to the principles and ideals you abhor and censor. You can no longer silence truth. And your endless angry and ridiculous and left wing ranting is an embarrassment to you and your readers.

The Tampa Bay market is Florida’s largest media market and one of the 15 largest in the nation. The Times has never had anything resembling a monopoly in the area. Other outlets like the Tampa Tribune, Bay News 9, WFLA, etc have existed for years. Super PACs have nothing to do with this. A truly ridiculous correlation being made here. 

If Adam Smith weren’t so obviously in the tank for Bill Nelson, it would have been quite peculiar that your newspaper endorsed one of Connie’s little known and poorly funded challengers.

Little known? Dr. Dave Weldon served in Congress longer than Mack has and cut a greater national profile. If the Times truly hates conservatives, then Weldon would never have been endorsed by the paper!

Adam Smith and other liberal Democrats are rightly scared that Connie will defeat Bill Nelson. I assume your readers understand that Adam Smith will use your paper’s endless assets to attack, mock and to try to torpedo Connie’s candidacy.

Mack would be the biggest empty suit in the US Senate since the infamous California Senator SI Hayakawa in the 1970s. He too was a Republican. If the GOP didn’t produce so many intellectual lightweights, maybe the media would appear less biased to the ignoramuses who proudly associate themselves with Mack.

It’s the Tampa Bay Times’ right to be the National Enquirer of Florida politics. And it’s Adam Smith’s 1st Amendment right to attack Connie, so long as he doesn’t cross the line of slander or libel, of course.

Comparing one of the ten best papers in the nation to the National Enquirer reinforced why Mack is unfit to serve in a capacity that requires any degree of critical thinking.

But at least Adam Smith and the Tampa Bay Times should have the decency to admit they are Left Wing Democrats whose circulation is declining because their Left Wing agenda is offensive to so many rational conservative voters.

I did not know Glen Beck and Sean Hannity were now press consultants to the Connie Mack IV campaign.

Your readers deserve at least that much.


Jeff Cohen
Campaign Manager


4 thoughts on “Little Mack Attacks the Tampa Bay Times: Unveiling The True Meaning

  1. Does this guy read the paper…..if he did he wouldn’t call Adam Smith
    a liberal…..all he did was name calling…..I guess that’s all he has. If he
    was really interested in the welfare of the State….wow….there are so many issues that need solutions…….but an endorsement of Rick Scott would have been a traversty…..

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