The Political Hurricane Endorsement: Joe Saunders for House District 49

Florida Democrats have been given the opportunity to pick up a number of State House seats in Orange County. With this gift, the Democratic Party needs to make sure that it picks the best candidates to represent these districts so that whoever is elected to the Florida House will have eight productive years in that position.

The Political Hurricane feels that Joe Saunders will be the best person for one of those new seats, House District 49.

Much of this old seat was held by House Speaker Dean Cannon, and Democrats now have the opportunity to elect a Democrat to reverse the trend that Cannon has forced down the throats of Floridians. Joe Saunders offers the people of this district political experience as well as a strong grasp of the issues. Mr. Saunders has been involved in politics for the last 10 years in the Central Florida area and has worked to make Florida a place that respects equality for all.

As a member of the Florida House, we feel that Mr. Saunders will represent not only the people of his district, but the progressive cause as well. He will represent the progressive cause in a way that is well respected. In addition, we feel that he will be able to build strong coalitions with other Democrats and Paula Dockery-style Republicans and pass meaningful legislation.So far, Mr. Saunders has run a positive campaign and has concentrated on the issues at hand.

Mr. Saunders’ Democratic opponent, Shayan Elahi, is also a strong progressive. But even with these credentials, we feel that his fire and brimstone style of politics will make very few friends in Tallahassee, and his nomination could possibly lose the seat to a well-funded Republican either this election cycle or in 2014. Much of the talk that has come out of Mr. Elahi’s supporters and campaign has been negative attacks on Mr. Saunders.

How both campaigns are running, it seems as if Mr. Saunders truly wants to represent the people of east Orange County. Mr. Elahi, on the other hand, seems to want to attack Mr. Saunders. If these campaigns are any indication of how they would legislate, Mr. Saunders is the obvious choice.

The Political Hurricane strongly endorses Joe Saunders for House District 49.


9 thoughts on “The Political Hurricane Endorsement: Joe Saunders for House District 49

  1. Your endorsement of Joe Saunders will have no effect on the vote in district 49. The attacks you refer to could have only come from his campaign supporters and they are not attacks at all. They are simply ways to compare and contrast the candidates and every word is factual and truthful. If his ego is that fragile then he shouldn’t be in the race. The last thing we need in 49 is a go along to get along politician. Your endorsement is worthless.

  2. Our endorsement is worthless because it goes against the guy you support. Fair enough 🙂

  3. Don’t get me wrong. I know Joe and like him, however that doesn’t mean I feel he’s the right fit for 49. And don’t misjudge Shayan either. He knows how to make friends and influence people even better than Joe and he’s been doing it a lot longer.

  4. I think Joe will make a decent Representative, however I think a better candidate for the District is Shayan.
    I’m just a young Democrat at UCF who is not too politically active however I pay attention, and from what I’ve seen Joe can give cookie-cutter talking points and not too much experience or substance. I don’t know maybe that’s just something that comes in handy being a civil rights attorney like Shayan, but how you talk to an audience, I think having passion is a plus, not “fire and brimstone” or offensive.
    But that’s just my opinion.

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