Fiscal Conservatism Florida Republican Style

Rick Scott’s Republicans are moral and ethical hypocrites.  They rage against frivolous lawsuits and abuse of taxpayer funds but yet are guilty of both in their own maniacal way. The GOP continues to waste taxpayer money trying to force its ideological agenda down the throats of Florida’s citizens.

At a time when  GOP legislators and their leader Rick Scott claim that maintaining many social service programs, as well as  keeping many state parks and preserved areas open are too much of a strain on the state budget, Florida is racking up a huge bill in legal fees. The cause? The Republican majority’s desire to challenge the judiciary, disobey court rulings and disrespect the constitution they claim to revere.

Yesterday, the state led by partisan Attorney General Pam Bondi announced it would appeal a court ruling on the infamous Docs and Glocks Bill. This will further add to the staggering total taxpayer money blown on lawsuits defending bad laws passed by the legislature that was reported in yesterday’s South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Republicans have for years made a political issue out of frivolous lawsuits using it as a way to “defund the left” by attacking Trial Lawyers and pushing anti free market tort reform measures. Yet today, the arrogant GOP majority who has no fear of defeat at the ballot box thanks to the decade plus ineptness of the Florida Democratic Party pushes its ideological agenda at all costs.

Conservatives love to pontificate about freedom, the constitution and loving America. Yet here in Florida, the Rick Scott Republicans who have established a Soviet style control of the state, will go to any end to promote their unconstitutional view of how to govern the state. Much like their forerunners, the segregationist  bourbon Democrats and the infamous “pork chop gang,” court decisions are only respected when they are in alignment with the ideology of the majority party.

The Republicans have pushed a unique brand of governing in Florida. This new Republican brand can be summed up by intolerance, cronyism, corruption and anti-intellectualism. The RPOF at one time attracted some of the best brightest minds in the state to its cause. But today, the Republican Party of Rick Scott is a narrow minded ideological party whose main concern is cronyism and political power.

In due time principled conservatives will leave the Republican Party of Florida realizing it is a political party that today exists solely for the benefit of lobbyists and other cronies of the legislature and governing class. Until then it is the obligation of Florida’s citizens to pick up the burden of the fallen Democratic Party and work at a grassroots level to expose and defeat the Scott Republicans. The future of state depends on it.


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