Revisited Endorsement: Jeff Ashton for State Attorney, District 9.

A few weeks ago, we did an endorsement for Ryan Williams in the upcoming primary between Mr. Williams, Jeff Ashton and Lawson Lamar for State Attorney. The day that we released the endorsement, we were informed that Mr. Williams dropped out of this race. Since this endorsement, we wanted to make sure that we made the correct choice in this race.

Since we made this endorsement, both Mr. Ashton and Mr. Lamar have been engaged in a number of televised debates and endorsement interviews at editorial boards. With these appearances, we have been able to truly decide which person is the best for this job out of those that are available. When all the appearances were reviewed, the decision wasn’t even close.

Mr. Ashton entered this race to make changes in the State Attorney’s office. During his debates, he talks about the problems in that office. On the other hand, Mr. Lamar never mentions whatsoever the problems that his office currently deals with. It is almost as if Mr. Lamar is either clueless to the dismal record in his office, or he has no concern whatsoever for how his office is operating. Either way, Mr. Lamar has indicated that he has no desire to change how the office is operating.

Mr. Ashton, on the other hand, has constantly pointed out the problems in the office that he is seeking. When Mr. Lamar is asked to respond to these problems, he completely ignores the subject. Mr. Lamar continues to show that nothing will change if he were to win reelection.

In appearance after appearance, Mr. Lamar says that the only reason that people should not vote for Mr. Ashton is because he doesn’t have the experience of running a large office. This is a very weak attack against Mr. Ashton. If this is all Mr. Lamar can come up with, the choice is pretty obvious.

We still feel strongly that Mr. Williams would have been the best candidate for this position, and we still question Mr. Ashton on the points we made in our last endorsement. But Mr. Ashton is the only person that at least acknowledges that the office does need a change. Mr. Ashton also shows passion when seeking this office. Change in this office is very important and Mr. Ashton is the only person that will offer that change. While we still need to see if anything changes if Mr. Ashton is elected, we are guaranteed that nothing will change under Mr. Lamar, and that is highly unacceptable. Therefore, some hope for change is better than no hope for change at all.

The Political Hurricane highly recommends Mr. Ashton for State Attorney, District 9.


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