Dave’s Top 40 Primaries (21-30).

30th – Florida State House 36 (R Primary) – Much like the State House 63 race in Tampa, this seems to be a race which pits members of the Pasco County Republicans against one another. Mike Fasano is a fixture in Pasco County politics since the early 1990s. Now though, Republicans that aren’t exactly happy with his votes on fiscal issues are siding with his opponents. The top opponent is Republican Executive Committee vice-chair James Mathieu. This is a race of money vs. grassroots. And in Pasco County, grassroots just might work.

29th – Florida State House 46 (D Primary)- A five-way Democratic primary will decide who will be the next representative of this tradition African-American district in Central Florida. This blog has endorse Jason Henry in this race, and his endorsement, linked here, gives you a better understanding of the race.

28th – Florida State Senate 17 (R Primary) – This might not be a primary after all, but we will see in the coming days. If it is, John Legg is looking to enter the State Senate with a number of questions around him regarding his residency. Even though the Florida Commission on Ethics rejected Republican challenger Rob Wallace’s complaint, Wallace is still going after Legg. It will be interesting if this stands out. What is even more interesting is if this will be moved to November.

27th – Florida State House 55 (R Primary) – Randy Johnson is trying to return to Tallahassee in a district quite different from his old district. Instead of running in a mostly southwest Orange County seat, he now says that he is a Sebring resident. Either way, his Republican challenger Cary Pigman, is a local doctor and from the area. This move by Johnson might have been ill advised, and Primary night will tell us.

26th – Florida State House 61 (D Primary) – This race isn’t an issues driven race as much as it is about new blood in Tallahassee. Betty Reed is seeking her last term in the Florida House while Tatiana Denson touts that she will bring new blood to Tallahassee. The only reason that this race is even on our list is because there could be a possible upset come Tuesday. I don’t expect there will be, but I just wanted to have it up here just in case.

25th – Florida State House 103 (R Primary) – Ranier Diaz de la Portilla is looking to return to the Florida House. While he does have the name and the money as well, he is running against another well funded Republican in Manny Diaz. What will be interesting to watch in this race is if one of the traditional names in Cuban politics (Diaz de la Portilla) still has the sparkle that it once did. Could Diaz de la Portilla and Diaz-Balart soon become names of the past? The new boys might be coming in.

24th – Florida State House 66 (D Primary) – Here is a case where Florida Democratic Party and House Victory blessed candidate Mary Louise Ambrose is being outraised by her Democratic opponent Joanne “Cookie” Kennedy. What will be interesting, come tomorrow, is if the FDP was able to find a way to pump some money into this primary to put Ambrose over the top. If Kennedy wins, this could be the first body blow for the Florida Democratic Party in this election cycle.

23rd – Florida State House 21 (D Primary) – Just like the Ambrose vs. Kennedy race, Aaron Bosshardt, the blessed candidate of the Florida Democratic Party, is running again Andrew Morey, another qualified candidate. Unlike the previously mentioned race, Bosshardt has outraised Morey by a substantial amount. Bosshardt is expected to win this race, but the big question is by what margin. If it is closer than expected, then he has a lot to do until November.

22nd – Florida State House 116 (R Primary) – Here is our first race in which incumbent is pitted against incumbent. Jose Felix Diaz and Ana Rivas Logan are battling out in what is becoming a very ugly primary. Diaz’s campaign is using Logan’s place of birth against her, which is Nicaragua, when calling and sending fliers to Cuban voters, according to the Miami Herald. Of course, both side are getting dirty. This could be one of the dirtiest primaries in the state, and the results will show us which dirt sticks.

21st – Florida State Senate 27 (D Primary) – Our endorsement of Jeff Clemens over Mack Bernard should give an idea about the battle within that primary.


2 thoughts on “Dave’s Top 40 Primaries (21-30).

  1. We know they didn’t give you any money directly. But House Victory did promote you over your opponent. We are just opposed to the FDP taking sides in primaries. I even mentioned this to Joe Saunders, though I supported him 100% in his primary.

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