Conservative Groups Flooding Democratic Primaries With Mail

As Primary Day approaches more and more Republican aligned conservative interest groups are playing in Democratic Primaries looking to get the most business-friendly potential legislators elected in seats without serious Republican opposition. In other seats where the Republicans have an incumbent or serious chance of victory these organizations are attempting to nominate the perceived weaker Democrat in order to ensure GOP victory in November.

The above mail piece sent on behalf of Katie Edwards in the House District 98 Primary was sent by an ECO, whose money was initially raised from the US Chamber of Commerce, Florida Chamber, US Sugar, Charter Schools USA and Florida Justice PAC. Edwards, who is the only Democrat running for the State House in an August Primary to be endorsed by the NRA, will surely benefit from this piece that looks innocent enough. The Political Hurricane has strongly endorsed Edwards’ opponent Louis Reinstein who will provide a strong progressive voice in Tallahassee.

This goes along with a theme we’ve seen in other House primaries throughout the state. Shadowy ECO groups whose source of funds is another ECO (you have to follow the money closely through many different groups to find the original sources) have also weighed on behalf of Mac Bernard in the Senate District 27 primary, Kevin Rader in House District 81 and Ron Saunders in Senate District 39.

In an unrelated but equally cynical development, Scott Israel a Democratic candidate for Broward County Sheriff has benefited from a phony tea party group that has accused his primary opponent Louis Granteed of being supported by the Tea Party, when no proof actually exists of such an endorsement. The Broward Tea Party has not endorsed Granteed and presumably has no interest in the Democratic Primary for Sheriff.

Dirty tricks seem to be abound in Democratic Primaries this August. Most of these tricks are being pushed by Republican aligned groups to ensure continued Republican hegemony over Florida politics. It is important that progressive voters throughout the state understand the origin of these tricks and reject the candidates who are directly benefiting from them.


16 thoughts on “Conservative Groups Flooding Democratic Primaries With Mail

  1. Wexler is an ass. We don’t want you to be our spokesperson on any issue. Deutch you better learn because right now you look pretty stupid doing what he tells you. No wonder why your aide left!

  2. Rader is a joke, I like Bernard. No a fan of Wexler who thinks he still runs the show. Love Reinstein!!!! Can someone tell Sink that she is kind of dumb to get involved in a primary even though I am voting for Bernard. Please lady give us a break. You might as well change your party and do some flip flopping with you boy Crist.

    I hope Nan Rich runs. She would kick all your ass. The only thing that is holding the Ds together is Paul Ryan.

  3. In the article you state that Louis Reinstein is running for house district 98 but then you say we need his voice in Washington. While I think he would be an excellent congressman one day he’s running to be a progressive voice in Tallahassee.

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  5. AIF is pumping money into these mailers also. Lots and lots of money.

    Sugar is playing mostly in South Florida. The other group is the vouchers and charter school groups. They are playing all over the state.

    You guys should make more primary endorsements before Tuesday. Voters need to know who all the progressives are in the primaries. Look at Gainesville. Boshardt is party backed and bad news with the usual sources of funds. Morey is a good one. Also you need to take a stand against Julien. He is HORRIBLE.

  6. Actually Wexler and his bro Fladell are sugar whores. Same with Aronberg and most Dems in PBC. Aronson the d-bag is their tool The R’s in PBC were traditionally better on environmental issues than the D’s.

  7. The liberals have similar type groups funded by unions, and trial lawyers. Quite your whining. These groups do the sane thing in Republican primaries.

  8. The unions don’t raise nor spend even a fraction of the money business does. Get your facts straight.

    By the way, pro voucher and charter school groups have outspent teacher’s unions on campaigns in Florida since 2006. That will be the subject of a future article on this site.

  9. Dirty politics and GOP plants everywhere. All bad news in my opinion. Our Democratic Party looks so silly and impotent not being able to keep these primaries truly partisan affairs. As Jennifer said this has been happening for years and years and years and the party turns a blind eye to all of it every time. They simply do not care.

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