The Political Hurricane Endorsement: Barbara Watson for Florida House 107

Honestly, we will admit that this was a race that we overlooked. This should have been an easy endorsement. Therefore, we are making our voice on this matter clear now.

In House District 107, two Democratic incumbents have been pitted against one another. But even with this being the case, Barbara Watson is the best choice for the district.

During his time in the Legislature, John Patrick Julien has been one of the biggest allies to both big business and the Republican Party. This might explain why both the Florida Chamber of Commerce as well as the highly Republican Associated Industries of Florida have publicly backed Julien’s efforts in this race.

On the other hand, Barbara Watson continues to be a true liberal voice in the Florida House. Her views on the issues closely resembles those of the voters in the district. She has been instrumental in trying to reform the assistant living facilities in our state. Also, her concerns while in Tallahassee to try to help the people in her district and listen to their concerns.

One can only assume that Julien is only running for himself. If the average voter knew what his voting record was like, he would more than likely lose election after election. Yet the popularity factor continues to give Julien electoral victories. We at the Political Hurricane assume that Mr. Julien will continue his pro-Republican voting record, which will hurt the people of his district instead of helping them.

The Political Hurricane strongly endorses Barbara Watson for Florida House District 107.


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