Updated Congressional Ratings

So as of now we have 8 Democrats, 18 Republicans and 1 Toss-up in the House and Bill Nelson remaining in the Senate. Four of the seats we classify as Republican simply are in the “leans” category, so those are ripe opportunities for the Democrats.

We will be updating this list every Sunday between today and election day.

Safe Democratic

FL-5 (Brown)

FL- 14 (Castor )

FL- 20 (Hastings)

FL-21 (Deutch)

FL-23 (Wasserman-Schultz)

FL-24 (Wilson)

Likely Democratic

FL-9 (Open)

Leans Democratic

FL-22 (Open)

FL- Senate (Nelson)

Toss Up

FL-18 (West)

Leans Republican

FL-2 (Southerland)

FL-10 (Webster)

FL-16 (Buchanan)

FL-26 (Rivera)

Likely Republican

FL-7 (Mica)

FL-13 (Young)

Safe Republican

FL-1 (Miller)

FL-3 (Stearns*)

FL-4 (Crenshaw)

FL- 6 (Open)

FL- 8 (Posey)

FL-11 (Nugent)

FL-12 ( Bilirakis)

FL-15 (Ross)

FL-17 (Rooney)

FL-19 (Open)

FL-25 (Diaz-Balart)

FL 27 (Ros-Lehtinen)

* lost primary to Ted Yoho



2 thoughts on “Updated Congressional Ratings

  1. I agree Demings is a strong candidate, but the district tilts heavily in Webster’s direction so I think Lean Republican is accurate.

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