Adam Hasner’s Mind Boggling 47% Comment

Adam Hasner, whose history as a conservative pit bull, and Republican party bomb thrower is trying to change his image. The Republican nominee in Congressional District 22 is continuing his makeover by acting kinder and gentler than he has ever been during his ten year public career. But sadly for Hasner, his rhetorical barbs while softer than in the past are still wildly insulting and inaccurate.  Watch the below linked interview with Anthony Man of the Sun Sentinel:

First of all the Romney/GOP narrative keeps referencing that 47% of the population does not pay taxes. While stating he would have articulated this view differently, Hasner reiterated  in great detail what is a bald face lie, and insulting to a great chunk of the American population.

Under the Hasner interpretation of tax policy, FICA taxes which every worker pays is not a tax, even though your pay stub indicates a significant amount of each paycheck has withholding’s, which are TAXES. Social Security and Medicare withholding’s are not taxes under Hanser’s interpretation even though they clearly are TAXES, and when you factor that in only approximately 10%-12% of wage earners do not pay taxes.

Many of those remaining wage earners have other assets or holdings that are taxed by the Federal Government, meaning less than 10% of the population does not pay taxes to the Federal Government. Perhaps Hasner is playing to his base, the silk stocking precincts along coast in Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Lighthouse Point. But the majority of District 22 residents will most certainly reject this derogatory commentary and backwards thinking.

Adam Hasner is trying to change his well-earned reputation as a right wing attack dog but he isn’t doing a good job. Compounding a problem for his party by doubling down on an insulting  faux pas while claiming to not agree with the way the argument was structured shows Hasner cannot change his stripes overnight, regardless of how slick his ad agency is.


3 thoughts on “Adam Hasner’s Mind Boggling 47% Comment

  1. Actually in fairness I think he meant income taxes. He never said they were dependent on government and lazy like Romney did.

  2. Remember Hasner and Iran baiting and the stupid Citgo turnpike thing? That dis investment in Iran and Venezuela hurt Florida business and workers.

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