Sachs-Bogdanoff Race Takes Negative Turn

The most hotly contested race for Florida Legislature this year outside of the Hukill-Bruno race seem two incumbent senators face off. Both Ellyn Bogdanoff and Maria Sachs have gone negative courtesy of both Political parties. Have a look at this ad run by the Florida Democratic Party against Bogdanoff.

After the jump, we have the RPOF’s latest ad being run against Sachs, a relatively early below the belt attack that just might resonate with local voters.


9 thoughts on “Sachs-Bogdanoff Race Takes Negative Turn

  1. Sadly, the Republican ad is miles better than the Dem one. Not even close in how effective they will be.

  2. Any form of intelligent life including a whale or river otter running on the Democratic line would be as strong as Sachs is proving to be. This seat should have been a slam dunk or a sitter for you Kartik because I know you prefer soccer but instead she’s managing to hand this seat over to the Republicans. Sachs is single worst candidate the Ds could have produced in that seat.

  3. This is Sach’s to lose and if she does it will have something to do with the following: Former state Rep. Kevin Rader to challenge Maria Sachs in Democratic state Senate primary
    by George Bennett | February 8th, 2012

    Rader Sachs
    Former Democratic state Rep. Kevin Rader today announced he’s challenging state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Boca Raton, in a Democratic primary.

    “I am running because I believe we need an unwavering Democrat in the state Senate and, simply put, Maria Sachs is not a real Democrat,” a Rader press release says. He notes that Sachs contributed to George W. Bush (she made $500 contributions in 1999 and 2000) and says Sachs “steadfastly praised Governor Jeb Bush.” Rader also notes that Sachs voted in December for a Republican redistricting plan. Sachs said that was a “procedural vote” to move the process along; her explanation was accepted by Palm Beach County Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel.

    Sachs wasn’t immediately reachable for comment this afternoon.

    Rader served in the state House for one term, leaving in 2010 to make an unsuccessful state Senate bid against Republican Lizbeth Benacquisto.

    It’s Bogdanoff’s fault the Ds are idiots. lol lol lol. Thanks Rader who has been hiding for the past 2 months.

  4. Maria is nuts but better than Bogdanoff. The party has gone to the dogs. Thanks to Johnson, Deutch, Wexler and Charlie. Thanks Rod for sitting back and doing nothing. You actually allow Shahid Freedman and scumbag Mark Siegal back to the party. They show up at the DEC and Deutch now does NOTHING….pussy cat

  5. Sachs voted for vouchers and pretends she didn’t just like Abruzzo who voted for Arizona style bill on immigration…..I vote for real change…write in Elmo…we might have better luck. At least he is fake and we know it.

  6. Ah, no this is clearly the fault of Sachs being incompetent. Rader would have beaten Bogdanoff easily. We need a real Jew and real Democrat to take on someone as horrible as Bogdanoff who gets support from Jewish voters because we want someone who can represent us, not some ditz who patronizes us.

  7. Rader is a scum. He represents the Jewish community like Charlie represents the gay community. Enough said


    Enough said…also don’t forget Wexler’s staff (Deutch’s staff) arrested for stealing….it was him I am sure not her.

    Wexler congressional aide pleads guilty to federal tax charge over $15,000 payment

    PBC is the most corrupt county from Wexler, Deutch, Slosberg, Abruzzo and Aronberg…..and Aaronson. I wonder why MM dropped out things that make you go hmmm,

    Rod cat got your tongue with Siegal?????

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