The Political Hurricane Endorsements – Federal races

Here is a list of our recommendations for the federal races in Florida:

President – Barack Obama

US Senate – Bill Nelson

District 1 – no endorsement
District 2 – Al Lawson
District 3 – JR Gaillot
District 4 – no endorsement
District 5 – no endorsement
District 6 – Heather Beaven
District 7 – Jason Kendell
District 8 – Shannon Roberts
District 9 – Alan Grayson
District 10 – Val Demings
District 11 – no endorsement
District 12 – Jonathan Michael Snow
District 13 – Jessica Ehrlich
District 14 – Kathy Castor
District 15 – no endorsement
District 16 – Keith Fitzgerald
District 17 – no endorsement
District 18 – Patrick Murphy
District 19 – no endorsement
District 20 – no endorsement
District 21 – Ted Deutch
District 22 – Lois Frankel
District 23 – Debbie Wasserman Schultz
District 24 – Frederica Wilson (no opposition)
District 25 – no endorsement
District 26 – Joe Garcia
District 27 – no endorsement

State and local race endorsements will be up tomorrow or Saturday.


4 thoughts on “The Political Hurricane Endorsements – Federal races

  1. I beg to differ with you on District 1. Jim Bryan, Democrat from Okaloosa County will make an excellent Representative. Most of the signatures on his petition were Republicans who believed they were not being served by Jeff Miller. He’s been a Lawton Childs walking his district, he is a Vietnam veteran who has been helping veterans receive the care and benefits they deserve because Jeff Miller won’t take the time to listen. This is truly a story of “Mr. Smith goes to Washington.” I think you should endorse him.

  2. We feel that his views on some social issue, or lack of stating them on his website, such as abortion, concerns us. These endorsements are for people that we feel share our issues. While he might be a good candidate, we aren’t entirely sure he would support a strong progressive agenda, such as his insistence on making English the official language of the United States. These are reasons why he has not gained our endorsement.

    As for me, I am a progressive first and a Democrat second. That is what I look at when I make my picks regarding our endorsements. As far as other members of our editorial board, I don’t know their persuasion. I can only tell you what I think. But thank you for point this out. I do feel that Mr. Bryan will be much better than Congressman Miller. I, personally, don’t know if he would support our progressive agenda.

  3. Jim Bryan, Laurel Hill, FL, is running against Jeff Miller (R) and Calen Fretts (L). Jim has secured the necessary petitions to be on the ballot (actually he collected more petitions than needed) and has worn out two pairs of shoes walking District 1, talking to people, engaging them in open discussion of veterans affairs, the economy, women’s rights. I cannot believe that you have not listed him as a viable candidate for District 1, Democrat running for US House of Representatives. Jim has mounted a campaign with $5,000 against Calen Fretts’ $14K, and Jeff Miller’s frigging financial arsenal. Jim does a better job helping the vets in our area than Jeff Miller EVER did.

  4. I have known Jim for several years. Yes, he supports a woman’s choice to make her own decisions about her reproductive care. Jim is progressive. He also is very thoughtful and introspect, making clear and well-thought-out decisions. Personally I think he is someone with great integrity, honesty, liberal views, and level-headed ideas about today’s issues.

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