New Survey Indicates Dudley Lead in HD-68

According to a new St Pete Polls survey, Democratic nominee Dwight Dudley has pulled definitively ahead of former Rep. Frank Farkas in the St Petersburg based HD-68.  We’ve previously questioned the validity of some St Pete Polls surveys but looking at the methodology of this most recent poll, the numbers appear to be more accurate. The Political Hurricane rates this race as “Leans Democrat.”  Dudley is one of the best legislative candidates the Democrats are fielding this cycle and his rise in the polls should be no surprise to seasoned political observers.

HD-65 was also surveyed and the poll there shows a narrow lead for Rep. Peter Nehr over Democratic nominee Carl Zimmerman. Zimmerman has lost twice previously to Nehr by narrow margins. While Nehr is leading among registered voters by two points and likely voters by four, his lead is narrow enough to be worrying. Oddly, Florida Democrats have not targeted this seat, while pushing candidates in other Pinellas County districts that seem to be floundering.  Perhaps the closeness of this poll will factor into a possible reassessment by the state and local parties as to resources allocation in the final weeks.


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