Senate Race Ratings – October 19th

This week we finally move SD-8 from “toss-up” into the “leans Republican” column. The indications for some time have been that this race was moving toward Rep. Dorothy Hukill who has waged a campaign based largely around fear and demagoguery and has featured an ad that crossed the lines of ethic stereotyping. Still Hukill’s advantage can be  largely attributed to Frank Bruno’s inability to connected with voters in Marion County. The GOP drew this district specifically to dilute the voting power of Volusia County and to elect a Republican. Somehow the Florida Supreme Court upheld this district as constitutional despite the well reasoned dissent of two justices and what should be a fairly obvious conclusion that the district was designed specifically to dilute the voting power of both African-Americans, and a Democratic leaning large county.

Full ratings after the jump

Safe D Likely D Leans D Toss Up Leans R Likely R Safe R
SD 12 (Open) SD 3 (Montford) SD 14 (Open) SD 34 (Bogdanoff/Sachs)  SD 8 (Open) SD 4 (Open) SD 1 (Gaetz)
SD 19 (Open) SD 9 (Gibson) SD 35 (Margolis) SD 7 (Open) SD 2 (Evers)
SD 27 (Open) SD 25 (Open) SD 10 (Simmons) SD 5 (Dean)
SD 29 (Ring) SD 15 (Open) SD 6 (Thrasher)
SD 31 (Smith) SD 21 (Open) SD 11 (Hays)
SD 33 (Sobel) SD 24 (Open) SD 13 (Gardiner)
SD 36 (Braynon) SD 32 (Negron) SD 16 (Altman)
SD 39 (Open) SD 17 (Open)
SD 18 (Open)
SD 20 (Latvala)
SD 22 (Open)
SD 23 (Richter)
SD 26 (Open)
SD 28 (Open)
SD 30 (Benacquisto)
SD 37 (Flores)
SD 38 (Garcia)
SD 40 (Diaz De La Portilla)

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