New Poll Shows Lois Frankel Up 10 Points Against Adam Hasner

Below is a press release from the Campaign of Lois Frankel:

New Poll Shows Lois Frankel Up 10 Points Against Adam Hasner

WEST PALM BEACH, FL — Today, Lois Frankel’s campaign for Congress released new polling showing her up 10 point against her opponent, Adam Hasner, 47% to 37%. This is the first poll since Hasner abandoned West Palm Beach broadcast television.

Frankel demonstrates strength in the poll and is clearly better-liked and better-known in the 22nd District.

Hasner has little time remaining to overcome the Democratic leanings of the district, the poll shows. To win the election, Hasner would need to outperform Romney by 8 points in order to win. He is currently underperforming Romney by 6 points.

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Analysis after the jump

The poll was conducted by Anzalone Liszt Research. The poll also found that Barack Obama has a seven point lead in the district over Mitt Romney. Hasner has kept this race competitive despite not having the finance to stay on television in the West Palm Beach market. Hasner continues to advertise in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market hoping to win votes in Broward County, and has continued to buy time on local cable systems in the district.

Hasner has run a good campaign, one that misrepresents his record but still  a good effort. Nonetheless, as the election approaches the Democratic tilt of the district appears to be playing in Frankel’s favor. Still, the polling in this race has been inconsistent and it is entirely possible Hasner can close the gap. But in order to win this seat, Hasner will likely need to run 4-6 points ahead of Mitt Romney at a minimum. So he needs ticket splitters and based on this poll, he is not getting them at this point in time.


5 thoughts on “New Poll Shows Lois Frankel Up 10 Points Against Adam Hasner

  1. At this rate we will have more polls than actual voters. All over the place and too numerous. Every poll is an outlier and finding a median pointless it seems.

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