Time for Barney Bishop to end his “lifelong Democrat” shtick.

It is time for Barney Bishop to leave the Democratic Party and register as something else, pure and simple.

Many of you might know Mr. Bishop as the so-called “lifelong Democrat” that is constantly endorsing Republican candidates. But I would beg to argue that Mr. Bishop isn’t a Democrat whatsoever. This time around, he has started a “Democrats for Romney”  website, where he claims his “lifelong Democrat” status yet again. In 2010, he praised Republican candidate for governor Rick Scott. All of the major newspapers, left and right leaning, said that Alex Sink was easily the best choice for governor. Yet Mr. Bishops, this “lifelong Democrat”, couldn’t say enough good things about the man.

While many might know him as this shadowy so-called Democrat who was Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party in 1992 (which was the beginning of the decline of the FDP), many others know him as the former President and CEO of Associated Industries of Florida, or AIF, which can almost be considered an arm of the Florida Republican Party. While they have endorsed Democrats from time to time, they rarely do overall and usually only support Democrats that will turn their back on workers, such at Gary Siplin and John Patrick Julien. Thankfully, both of these men lost in their primaries.

My beef with Mr. Bishop isn’t his political views. Instead, the problem that I have is that he keeps using this “Democratic” tag as some sort of selling point for Republican candidates to show that they have illegitimate “bi-partisan” support. It almost seems as if Mr. Bishop is only staying on as a registered Democrat so that he can continue to make money and claims off of this idea. The way that Mr. Bishop is using this tag is extremely dishonest, since he isn’t in the slightest bit Democratic nowadays.

When he talks about Democrats, he always claims to be a DLC, Bill Clinton-style Democrat. Mr. Bishop fails to realize that the DLC is gone and that conservative, white rural Democrats are a thing of the past. Let’s look at the Deep South. There is only one white Democrat that is currently in the House of Representatives in the Deep South, and that is John Barrow. After redistricting, Barrow is more than likely going to lose on November 6th, leaving no white or conservative Democrats elected to the House of Representatives in the Deep South. If we want to expand that to the former Confederate States of America, there will more than likely only be two true white Blue Dogs, Jim Cooper of Tennessee and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, left on November 7th. While Henry Cuellar of Texas is a conservative Democrat, he is Hispanic.

Basically, what I am saying is that the whole idea of “conservative Democrats” is extinct. This election will finally put the nail in that coffin. The problem is not that the Democrats aren’t running conservative candidates in the South. In fact, they are. The problem for Democrats is that conservatives have no reason to vote for the Democrats, period. Again, you can’t “out God” a Republican.

So, Mr. Bishop, it is time to end you shtick. You are a Republican. It would be nice if you just came out and had the balls to say you are switching parties. Others have done that, and you should as well. I would like to say you have become a disgrace to the Democratic Party, but you really haven’t. Every time you pull one of these “I’m a lifetime Democrat endorsing a Republican” stunts, Democrats just shake their heads and laugh at you. Even so, using the Democratic Party label (and yes, you are using it) to give Republican candidates some sort of “bi-partisan legitimacy” is just sick.


3 thoughts on “Time for Barney Bishop to end his “lifelong Democrat” shtick.

  1. Mr Bishop is a true Democrat, a hero that kept our party positioned well during the Republican tide in the state. His departure from the FDP is what started the slide not his presence. Get a grip guys. The party has moved towards an embrace of socialism and extreme multi culturalism and all Bishop wants to do is bring us back to the middle.

  2. So, losing the State House, State Senate, all constitutional offices and a majority of Congressional seats is “well position”? I rest my case.

    As far as attacking multiculturalism, I rest my case as well.

  3. Relics of the past wishing for a return to the good ole days (their idea not mine!) of Jim Crow and a lily white Democrat party. The nation has and is continuing to change and no amount of “dreaming” will halt that fact!

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