Florida 500: Seeking Reader Input

2013 will mark 500 years since Juan Ponce de León first landed in our state and claimed the territory for Spain. While the first PERMANENT colonial settlement did not occur until 1565, next year is rightfully the 500th anniversary of our state’s founding. For this we at the Political Hurricane want to cover the important events and personalities that have shaped our state all year long. For this we are seeking the input of you, our readers. What would you like to see covered in greater detail from Florida history, and what do you feel would important subjects to cover? Please let us know in the comment section below this post. Thank You!


13 thoughts on “Florida 500: Seeking Reader Input

  1. A great concept! Here are some ideas:

    – History of Colonial Florida
    – History of Florida Tourism, and attractions
    – Everglades history, controversies about drainage, etc
    – History of liberalism in the state

  2. While the past is important we must continue to look toward the future. But with the past in mind and looking ahead toward future political events I would like to see a story on that point in time when the Democrats began to lose their grip on the Florida legislature. There had to be some turning point that seems to escape us. I have been here a long time and it sometimes seems like we woke up on day and the legislature was lost. That is one aspect of the past we need to learn from if we are to regain lost ground here. Let’s not kid our selves, the Dems. being a minority with no voice in the legislature has had a negative impact on this state.

  3. I will like to see the History of Alimony in Florida.
    From its origins of helping those ex-spouses in need, to awarding permanent alimony to healthy practicing Dentists!!!

  4. Great great idea.

    Two thoughts

    1- A history of the Democratic Party in the state
    2- A look at the emergence of the GOP and how the Ds lost the legislature.

  5. great idea ! why not start at the beginning ~ with what happened to the indigenous peoples & their land?? has that behavior had any future impact on how we operate our state?

  6. Exciting idea. I would find it interesting to learn what Spanish influences remain in our architecture, food, landscape, art, etc.

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  8. I’d appreciate some insight into the Anita Bryant anti-gay campaign and how that fit into the shift in state politics.

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