Susannah Randolph Takes on Alan Clendenin Regarding Party Platform (UPDATED)

Susannah Randolph the founder and Executive Director of Florida Watch Action has accused FDP Chair Candidate Alan Clendenin of stonewalling a platform item related to marriage equality. Susannah Randolph has contacted us and has said she never claimed that Mr. Clendenin was against gay marriage.

Randolph posted this in a Facebook group:

” I’m sorry but Clendenin REFUSED to allow Marriage Equality to be introduced as even a motion to include it in the FDP’s platform when he was CHAIR of the Platform Committee. In the same year btw that the DNC adopted marriage equality into its platform and in the same year that our President endorsed it as well.
Tantrum has been a funder of the progressive infrastructure yet I have NEVER seen Clendenin at an Awake the State or Pink Slip Rick event EVER. EVER.” Susannah Lindberg Randolph
Randolph and her husband are perhaps the most credible progressive endorsers of FDP  Chair Candidate Allison Tant. The actual events of that day played out a little differently according to Alan Clendenin.
When contacted, Clendenin gave the following response:
“I was the Chair of the Platform Committee I was not the dictator.  I did NOT block or refuse ANY motion to insert marriage equality in the platform. As a leader I facilitated round table discussions and the team agreed to the following language”
In the preamble:
Ours is the party that champions the middle class and the basic principle of fairness to ensure all Floridians are treated equally.

In the body: 

·       All people should be treated equally and fairly, in all levels of government and society, by fighting discrimination based on race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and family status.

·       We are against any law or amendment that seeks to violate equal protection under the law.

In the summary:

The Florida Democratic Party has brought together the major aspects of our beliefs and values in this Platform.  We believe that everyone should have a fair and equal opportunity in a future that, with hard work, will bring them closer to the American dream.  The Florida Democratic Party continues to champion efforts to strengthen our economy, improve our public schools, expand affordable access to medical care, honor our eldest citizens, and lead the way to guarantee all people their civil rights.

Clendenin went on to point out that at the time of this debate the White House and DNC were still working on the President’s position. He is correct in this as the President did not establish his position until spring of this year.

Clendenin continues:

“It was an election year and our President’s re-election was the critical to our party. The official   GLBT Caucus of the DNC was VERY involved in the President’s position.  I am a member of that caucus and was an active participant in the discussion. It is unfortunate that Ms. Randolph has never SEEN me at one of the events.  I have been to both.  Not only did I attend Awake the State, I volunteered and distributed Pink Slip Rick flyers to the crowd.”

In  a related development supporters of Tant have created an anonymous blog to attack Clendenin. It has been my policy as a communications specialist and press officer not to respond or link to blogs/twitter feeds who do not clearly identify their affiliations.  This is my practice everyday at my day job and in the media appearances I make regularly each week in my professional life.  Thus we will not link to this page until the person(s) responsible identifies themselves. At that point we would love to enter into a dialogue to discuss the chair’s race and work to build a better Democratic Party that turns around the nearly two decade losing streak we have suffered on the state level.


32 thoughts on “Susannah Randolph Takes on Alan Clendenin Regarding Party Platform (UPDATED)

  1. The Randolph’s are the biggest idiots in the state in either party. Who cares what they have to say.????????

    Besides it is highly unethical for a DEC Chair to select himself for a six figure office. I’m disappointed this blog has not spent more time discussing Scott Randolph selecting himself to be tax collector down there. I agree with Tyler. Total self promoters. I cannot stand them.

  2. I was a member of the Platform Committee and I never saw Alan dictate what would be included or not included in the Platform. It was always a group decision. There were other issues that were voted on and not everyone agreed on every motion. And, at the time the Florida Platform was completed, the national platform committee had not yet met. One of our main goals was to make sure anything that was written by us did not conflict with DNC platform. I think Mrs. Randolph’s anger is misplaced and if I were to guess I would say she is going along with the powers that be in order to position her husband for a later run for a congressional or senatorial seat.

  3. I am so sick and tired of people giving the Randolph’s any credence or credibility. Stop druelling all over them, I cannot believe for once I agree with Blue Dog. Both are total self promoters and Scott Randolph becoming Tax Collector shunning aside several qualified people who wanted the appointment shows the agenda. Simply put the thing is a scam. Florida Watch Action is a scam. Susannah Randolph pays herself thousands of dollars a month to hoot and holler without effectively organizing anything. She is literally a clown. They do not organize anything worthy and do not actually get the Democrats elected. They do nothing to get the vote out. Tant is part of this as she has helps fund the organization. I like this site but both you guys have been in the tank for them. So easily manipulated by their lies. I am for Alan and don’t give a damn what Susannah Randolph says or thinks. I could care less about her. Stop giving her all this attention.

  4. Don’t believe for a minute the Randolph’s actually are honest progressives. They make money from this and as a fact have splintered the Orange DEC. They are financially invested in keeping Arceneaux which is why Scott Randolph pledged to keep the entire staff when he was running. They are financially obligated to Tant.

  5. Is it as ugly and sad as when Scott Randolph ousted your daughter Amy Mercado as Chair of the DEC? He orchestrated it all, but just like when she ran back to Buddy Dyer, she’s proven to be a loyal follower after everything.

  6. The Randolph’s have damaged their credibility repeatedly in recent months I honestly believe they’ve destroyed the local DEC forcing non loyalists out and creating a culture if suspicion and intrigue. Scott Randolph is not fit to fill Earl K. Wood’s shoes yet forced himself into it. Susannah? Seriously she’s just a flaky activist full of self grandeur.

  7. Wouldn’t Gilda Radner have played a great Susannah Randolph????


    In all seriousness the Randolph’s are bitter because Clendenin’s popularity with activists made it impossible for Scott to run.

  8. We have never been in the tank for the Randolph’s. We are supportive of many of the things both Scott and Susannah Randolph stand for and do but we have never been in the tank for them or anyone else. We are very independent unlike so many associated with the party apparatus.

  9. Wasn’t it Roseanne Roseannadanna not Susanna Susannadana?

    Your point is well taken. I do think Randolph would have had a hard time getting real activist support in certain areas if he has run. Clendenin’s plan and organizing credentials are second to none among prospective FDP Chairs. His not running did make it much easier for activists around the state to coalesce around Clendenin for sure.

  10. Kinda funny that Susanna is throwing a hissy fit that Clenedin did not attend all the numerous events that activists threw. What’s next? FCAN will complain that he didn’t show up to a protest? Or some huckster with a training seminar acting like Clenedin was supposed to have appeared.

    Its a shame too, the Randolph’s seemed to be a good thing for the party. Seems pretty hopeless when some woman with the worst political background is the front runner while someone who has a genuine plan is seen as a nuisance.

  11. I agree 100% with Tampa Lines. Who cares about FWA and freaking rallies. The pink slip thing while cute is but ineffective. It’s a largely meaningless organization.

    These losers have all led us to a point where we are completely 100% irrelevant in the state. I don’t know if Clendenin will change things but I know Tant won’t so he actually deserves a shot.

  12. I didn’t realize she was making a fortune off of FWA. Must be why she is such good friends with Ellis Robinson-who takes $8000 per month plus expenses for Ruth’s List.

    I lost respect for the Randolph’s when he named himself to replace Mr Wood. Sadly, those that follow him need to stop drinking the kool-aid in the OC or nothing will change there.

  13. Why does anyone care about what Susannah Randolph says? Honestly she is a total flake. I appreciate her passion but that is about it. She is not a good analyst at all of politics and has done more to drive wedges in the party than anyone else recently.

  14. Awesome! A State Party Chair who “attends rallies” and “passes out flyers”. Just what we need!! I was so worried that we might elect someone involved in fundraising, strategy, and messaging.

  15. Yeah. Randolph was really after the big $37 that Amy (or more accurately, her Mom) left in the Orange DEC’s bank account. Perhaps all this trips that Carmen took to the White House were more than what Amy could raise. Amy and Scott are boht failures. We need more EXPERIENCED leadership that will focus on uniting Hispanics and African-Americans in a way that represents the percentages in this county!!

  16. Nice to know what you guys think of both FCAN and Ruth’s List. Just proves to the rest of us that your candidate has no interest in anything other than his name on a door.

    Oh, and it’s really noticeable that Mr. Clendenin doesn’t talk about HIS actions as the Platform Chair above. He deflects and talks about what the DNC and the GLBT Caucus (which he doesn’t chair) does.

    Can Mr. Clendenin PLEASE talk about why he, as chair of the platform committee, did not entertain a motion?

  17. Democrats want and deserve Fair, Open And Honest government in Florida and across America. It has to start here, now, with the race for Florida’s Democratic Party Chair!! No more behind the scenes wrangling and power brokering. No more threats of being “Blackballed to hell”by supporters of either side. Follow the rules and the law. Let the democrats in all the Counties of Florida cast their votes, declare a winner and rally around that winner and concentrate on 2014. Our country and our President are counting on us to act like adults.

  18. As someone who was around when Doug Head was Chairman I can speak to the amount of effort made at the time to organizing the county at a time when the demographics locally were far less favorable than today. Doug worked hard to make sure the entire state had a seat at the table not just Tallahassee insiders. I was part of that, a beneficiary of his willingness to fight with party staff for resources in central and south Florida.

    Orange County is in transition and all sides need to work together. I am not involved there anymore but do not that we have so many negative comments here and other places I look. Factionalism and personal agendas seem to have hurt the local party there, and this is a county we must lock down and secure if we are to win statewide. With that in mind, Alan Clendenin’s plan calls for regionalization of party staff and resources and that will HELP Central Florida. Rebuild and recruit. Allison Tant’s plan is business as usual. Tallahassee based staff out of the loop in most of the vote rich areas of the state, candidate recruitment done at the last minute a year or more after the GOP find their candidates, and continued condescension rather than support of the efforts being made by local DECs. These are among the reasons why I and this website strongly support Alan Clendenin for Chair of the FDP.

  19. Having interviewed Mr. Clendenin extensively, we know that he has great respect for Ruth’s List and the work they do. The point is that you can’t be everywhere and attend every rally. The Platform issue I believe has been answered by him and others. If you want to blame someone for the marriage equality issue, blame Rod Smith. He didn’t want those words used. And we wanted the Platform to see the light of day, not be put on a shelf and ignored.

  20. The Randolph’s have destroyed the unity of the county party for personal gain. Both power wise AND financially. Want to help Alan? Do an exposé on how much $$$$$ the Randolph’s are making from their alliances with the Tallahassee crowd. Randolph was THEIR HAND PICKED FDP CHAIR. Only when he further enriched himself by taking this tax collectors job did he back out and they select Tant. And Florida Watch Action is a SCAM. A bunch of loud rable rousers protesting book signings and legitimate governors events. Give Scott and Susannah credit. They’ve marketed themselves as caring activists but are in reality shameless self promoters. They have absolutely nothing to do with Democratic success locally or statewide.

  21. Thank you, Frank, for being a voice of reason. We won’t be intimidated and we will vote for the person who will do the best job.

  22. I do not think it serves the interest of this website to speculate about the Randolph’s. What we’ve found is that they are unseasoned politicos with a penchant for self promotion and destruction of anyone who opposes them. They do not belong in leadership. It is a shame for Tant that she has aligned herself so closely with them. DWS, Nelson, etc all very credible. But when you start throwing the Randolph’s, Alison Moreno, Fitzgerald, etc the loonies start coming out. Scott Randolph wasn’t a serious legislator and his wife just wants to profit off them. I agree with Doug, Orange County needs more seasoned people. They also need more serious people. The Randolph’s are a joke.

  23. Finally someone calls out the Randolphs for their unethical behavior.
    scott Randolph is a good man but, frankly, knows jack shit about taxes.
    And Susannah, well it’s been said enough, but really is a flaky activist with delusions of political grandeur.
    As to Florida Watch Action someone should do some heavy investigating into where their money goes, especially the donors…

  24. Guys you can make this already good site golden if you investigate Florida Watch Action. As others say here it is a total scam.

  25. Total delusions of grandeur. She is meaningless in the big picture. She’s trained activists to be abrasive, angry and resentful while profiting off of it. We have rejected her allies in Broward and we are the better for it! When Clendenin wins he should further isolate Florida Watch Action or this site should expose it as a fraud that hurts Democrats by behaving like tea party zealots in public.

    Who freaking cares if someone went to a Pink Slip Rally by the way. That is .00000000000000000000000000000000000001% of what is needed for a party chair.

  26. I have to agree with Blue Dog Dem, a muck-racking piece into Florida Watch Action and what goes on in that organization would be pure GOLD.

    I wonder if FWA will be receiving some requests into their tax records coming up…. just saying…

  27. The Randolph’s are the types of frivolous clowns that make taking this party seriously very difficult. This is why most of us do our own thing and mind our own business.

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