Falsely accusing people in the Democratic Party of misogyny needs to stop….now!

665951_10151297562279188_928238958_oOver the past few weeks, we at the Political Hurricane have been accused of being misogynists because of our recent articles regarding some organizations. I personally have questioned some organizations regarding their spending and their true intentions of helping the Florida Democratic Party and to get Democrats elected. The three people that head these organizations happen to be women. Though, in the overall argument of things, it wouldn’t matter who headed these organizations, men or women, as the valid argument still stands.

In 2008 I was supporting John Edwards in the primaries. The reason why I did so was because I thought he was the most liberal candidate. I thought Hillary Clinton was going to return the Democrats to the DLC-era style politics that her husband gave us and, as a native Chicagoan, Barack Obama didn’t convince me that he was a true progressive. Yes, he gave a few good speeches here and there, but there was no proof in the pudding. Therefore, I went for John Edwards purely because I thought he was the only serious candidate that could win the presidency and bring about progressive change. I even worked for the Edwards campaign in Nevada, organizing a number of caucuses in and around Reno.

Even though Obama won the nomination, I was still not convinced. I will admit that I am a progressive first and a Democrat second. Even in my local congressional race here in Illinois, I voted for the Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw, even though the race for the congressional seat was tight. I always stick by my principles. In the 2008 presidential race, I was deciding between Ralph Nader or Barack Obama. Eventually, I decided to vote for Nader. When I made this decision and told people that I wasn’t voting for Obama, everyone assumed I was voting for John McCain. Nothing was further from the truth.

Because I said I wasn’t voting for Obama, the ugly head of racism popped up. The old “if you aren’t supporting Obama, you must be against him because he was black” argument made me absolutely disgusted with those who supported Obama. This just solidified my support for Nader.  After this, I truly considered leaving the Democratic Party and becoming either an independent or a Green Party member. To me, calling someone a racist because they don’t support someone’s candidate is just as bad as the Republicans continual use of race to win elections. Both side have this problem, and it needs to stop.

In 2012, with four years under his belt, I proudly supported President Obama in his reelection bid. In my twenty years of voting for a presidential candidate, I never felt prouder than I did in 2012.

This brings me to my current situation. I have questioned a number of organizations because I don’t see how they are helping Democrats. Of the organizations I have mentioned, I cannot contribute a single Democratic victory to their actions. I cannot even contribute one single thing regarding recruitment or fundraising of winning candidates. The points that I have made are entirely valid and people should truly question the money is being spent when contributing to these organizations.

Because I have questioned these organizations, which all three are headed by women (even though two of them were started by one highly-funded man), some have gone on record, as well as sent emails and posted messages on our site, claiming that I support misogyny. Absolutely nothing can be further from the truth.

But even so, I think we must truly ask ourselves a serious question…what kind of political party are we going to have if we accuse everyone that disagrees with us of being a racist or a sexist? Are we going to be a party of equality or a party that separates each other by sex, even when the debate doesn’t call for it?

Yes, the Republicans have spoken of policies that are both racially motivated and sexist in nature. This I do not question. And as for me personally, I am quite liberal on almost all issues, especially women’s issues. In fact, I supported Paula Bradshaw in my local Congressional race for two reasons. First, she was the most liberal on all the issues. Second, the Democrat, Bill Enyart, was staunchly pro-life. So not only did I actively support the only female candidate in the race, but I also supported her because the male candidates were unfriendly on women’s issues.

But when we claim people are sexist or racist because they disagree with us on issues are not related to sex or race, we are no better than the Republicans that we see as morally corrupt. Those that are calling me a misogynist have only done so because I have questioned organizations that just happen to be headed by women. Yet, they fail to mention that I also question Scott Arceaneaux, Christian Ulvert, Rod Smith and a number of males that have been a disastrous addition to our party. I have found that most of these people leveling these charges at me personally usually do so because they cannot win the debates on their own merits.

This is where I must ask those of you in our Democratic Party… do we want to be better than the Republicans, or do we want to go down the same road wearing slightly different outfits? There are times where we can call out people for being sexists and racists. When Republicans talk about welfare, that is racially charged and should be dealt with in that manner. When Todd Akin or any other right-wing Republicans talk about “legitimate rape”, THAT is pure misogyny!

But the attacks that have been targeted toward me are not just misleading, but extremely childish as well. If any people wish to explain the spending habits of their organization, they are free to do so. But the diversion of this debate toward something that has nothing to do with the debate is honestly, quite shameful.

Those that use misogyny as a debating tool in conversations that do not warrant it should be extremely ashamed of themselves. By constantly calling everyone a misogynist because they disagree with them cheapens the pure definition of misogyny. This is when I have to say to those people….grow up.

This is something that, if continued, can truly hurt the Democratic Party. Calling people sexist or racist based on nothing more than someone’s dislike of someone’s opinion that has nothing to do with these issues will drive away people from the party. Do we really want to be labelled that way? We are better than that. We are more grown up than that. Every time someone calls a person a misogynist, it is as bad as calling them a racist, and visa versa.

It is time to grow up. It is time to end this hate-filled debate based on nothing. This is something that Republicans do, not Democrats. Let’s not be like them.


3 thoughts on “Falsely accusing people in the Democratic Party of misogyny needs to stop….now!

  1. This isn’t as much of a defense as it is a statement of something that I think should be left out of our party. In that case, I am defending everyone that has had this charge thrown at them for no reason whatsoever.

    Also, what is funny is that people are talking about how I voted for Nader in 2008. We never said that this is a “Democratic Party Blog” (even though I am a Democrat). We clearly say that we are a “Progressive Blog”. If I voted for Virgin Goode, they would have a leg to stand on, but not Ralph Nader.

  2. I was put in a similar position by Clinton supporters when I backed Obama. Backing anyone outside of a woman makes you “anti-woman.”

    Dealt with it though I must say I am disappointed you would vote for Nader. Nader votes cost us the 2000 election.

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