FDP Chair Race Update

This past weekend many leaders of the party met in Central Florida to discuss the FDP Chairs Race and hear from both candidates. In recent days we’ve heard a great deal from both campaigns regarding the state of the race but a few things seem to stand out.

  • Allison Tant has received a few commitments from medium sized counties previously thought to be on the fence or leaning  towards Alan Clendenin.
  • Clendenin still is running strongly in southeast Florida and other urban counties.  Orange County is an exception to this general trend.
  • The Democratic Veterans Caucus has endorsed Clendenin.
  • With both candidates continuing to boast significant support talk of a compromise has begun to spring up. Various scenarios have been floated for this but none have acquired significant traction as of yet.
  • As Kevin Thurman wrote on Sunday, Tant’s recent party memo coupled with Clendenin’s plan essentially means that change will be coming to the FDP regardless of the result. It can be strongly argued the degree or severity of change (depending on your perspective) but an admission has been made that the party is operating nowhere near full potential by both candidates.
  • Clendenin is also boasting stronger than expected support in some small counties, indicating the race is still very fluid at this moment.

The State Committee meeting where the vote for Chair will be held is scheduled for January 26th in Lake Mary.


4 thoughts on “FDP Chair Race Update

  1. Mike Williams endorsed Clendenin today. That is a BIG deal, a sign that official Tallahassee may move against Tant.

  2. Clendenin will be securing more endorsements in the next several days down here in south Florida. A consensus is building behind his candidacy.

  3. MS your South County morans are worried right now about their connections to the Delray Developer who just got arrested.

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