Major Developments in the FDP Chair’s Race

Allison Tant has released a statement that indicates she has been endorsed by the seven of the state’s ten Democratic House members backing her. This is not a surprise but it adds to the impressive list of insiders backing Tant’s candidacy.

In even bigger news  considering the weighted vote FDP process, the state committee members from the three large southeast Florida counties (Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach) have elected to support Alan Clendenin as a bloc. In the weighted vote system of the FDP State Committee, this means Tant, the candidate of many party insiders will have very little margin for error with DECs outside of the area.

The vote for Chair is scheduled for January 26th in Lake Mary. If Clendenin were to be elected he would be the first Chairman of the party from one of the state’s two largest media markets since 1999.

The full statement from the south Florida DECs is below:

Miami-Dade State Committeewoman Verna Edington, Miami-Dade State Committeeman Bret Berlin, Broward County State Committeeman Ken Evans, Broward County State Committeewoman Maggie Davidson, Palm Beach County State Committeewoman Bunny Steinman, and Palm Beach County State Committeeman John Ramos met Monday evening in Broward County for four hours and emerged from the meeting to unanimously announce their support, their vote, and their endorsement for Alan Clendenin for State Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

All six had agreed prior to the meeting to vote as a group representing South Florida for the State Chair. At the conclusion of the meeting, all six signed a pledge card formally endorsing and showing their support for Alan Clendenin. The South Florida vote represents roughly 30% of the votes for Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

Alan was very humbled by the support of these six South Florida leaders and is committed to his vision of Rebuild, Rebrand, and Recruit brining the Democratic Party, which the majority of Floridians are, back to power in Florida


34 thoughts on “Major Developments in the FDP Chair’s Race

  1. This makes it much more likely Tant loses. Wow! Thought all along support would move from Clendenin to Tant thanks to DWS pressure but this time the desire for change appears real and that is a good thing.

  2. Hillsborough also has a significant number of votes. So Tant would have to basically run the table of every other county to win. That’s not gonna happen. Time for the fat lady to start singing.

  3. Maybe now Miami Dade and South Florida will be recognized for their voter turnout. There are more grassroot voters than there are elected officials. Alan knows that. Let’s start giving them their due.

  4. My rough estimate is that the three metropolitan southeast Florida counties plus Hillsborough comprise about 65% of the votes needed to win. So Tant doesn’t need to run the table completely but she does need to win the rest of the votes about 75-25 or 80-20 which is theoretically possible but very very difficult to do.

  5. I have read with interest your accounting of the race for FDP Chair…the truth is that ultimately the elected officials choice – Allison Tant – will prevail because without the trust and backing of the Democratic elected officials a Chair will have little ability to impact the Party…and this is the way that it should be…that is not to say that a County DEC Chair or County State Committeeman or Committeewoman shouldn’t attempt to run and be elected state chair, but the reality is that the elected’s will almost always win because they are the ones that will largely raise the funds to operate the Party…

  6. Leave it to south Florida & Tampa to force a liberal, impractical and angry choice down the throats of our party. I’m really really unhappy with this. Without north Florida moderates we cannot shape a winning message and cannot win.

    Screw Broward County and Miami! Socialism and radical environmentalism!

  7. Seriously it is a problem for the FDP this weighted vote. The reality is Tant will win the majority of counties and almost every elected official. Yet she’s probably losing. South Florida has ZERO in common with the rest if the state the places we NEED to win to be successful. This rigged “weighted” vote empowers the most left wing counties, Broward, Miami and Palm Beach and discriminates against the mainstream Demos in the rest of the state. The RPOF is one county one vote, the way it should be.

  8. It’s weighted by number of Democrats. Do you really think a county with 11,000 people should have the same votes as a county with 2.5 million?

  9. By your logic, we should change the electoral college so that California and Wyoming have the same number of votes.

  10. I think the Orange DEC leadership is looking isolated from the other urban counties now. The Randolph’s have their own agenda but must see the hand writing on the wall. Is every other large county with Clendenin? I mean Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Hillsborough are the four largest counties in the state.

  11. Dolphin Democrats Endorse Alan Clendenin
    At its general membership meeting We
    dnesday evening, the Dolphin Democrats voted to endorse Alan Clendenin for FDP State Party Chair. The Dolphin Democrats are a chartered affiliate of the GLBT Caucus, the Florida Democratic Party and the National Stonewall Democrats.

  12. Tant’s math is now very difficult. I have to say it is an absolute shock that south Florida went in mass for Clendenin. I know KK kept reporting that the area was leaning Clendenin, but with DWS influence in her backyard the perceived bias of Krishnaiyer I assumed it would go Tant or at worse split. All six means it is going to be highly unlikely Tant will get Clendenin to drop out or make a deal, so it is going to the floor and I always thought if it got that far the raw emotion of activists at such an event would carry Clendenin to victory.

    So for Tant this may be Waterloo.

  13. The Miami-Dade DEC “endorsement” of Tant that anonymous rival blogs refer to wwas contrived by Annette Taddeo using applicants yet to be formally appointed to our DEC to vote for Tant’s recommendation. Our committeeman and woman acted responsibly in supporting Clendenin as that is the will of actual SEATED DEC MEMBERS.

  14. Those who are complaining about the weighted vote forget that as Kartik has regularly pointed out the last half dozen or do chairs have come from outside the major metro and vote getting areas. This has happened at the very same time the party has become more dependent on urban votes and racking up HUGE margins in the three south Florida metro counties to even gave a shot statewide. Yet the party continues to be driven by Tallahassee insiders and north Florida based political and media consultants. This world view is the reason we keep losing. Clendenin’s support is largely a reflection of the growing frustration with out of touch Tallahassee and DC based elites who ignore the grassroots.

    This race is almost over. Allison ought to either drop out or offer her services to Clendenin as a finance chair and chief fundraiser.

  15. I am extremely proud of the south Florida
    Committee women and Committee men for
    their unanimous support for Alan Clendenin as Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

    The grassroots effort to completely overhaul
    the FDP is outlined in Mr. Clendenin’s plan.
    Emphasis here is ‘grassroots’.

    The ‘power peeps’ supporting Ms. Tant cannot see past their blinders of dollar bills.
    Her plan is broad, lacking in detail, and
    top-heavy with fund raising as its major theme.

    All this Tant-supporter harping about fund raising prowess is a subterfuge for Ms.Tant’s leadership black hole. In other words, it doesn’t exist.

    How refreshing when Mr. Clendenin takes the
    broom with him to Tallahassee and does some serious house cleaning at the FDP. Lets open the windows with some fresh air, ideas
    and action steps to jump start a new era
    for the FDP.

    We will raise the money from the ground up, elevating visionary ideas to winning margins in future contests.

  16. North Florida moderates — who are you kidding? As this website and lots of other folks have pointed out for years, chasing the reactionaries from north Florida (really south Alabama) has helped turn the FDP into a losing party. It took Obama, a complete outsider, to show how to put together a new, center-left urban coalition in Florida. Fla Dem Insider, you’re in the wrong party.

  17. Jay G., I think this is a win win situation for South Florida with DEC Chairs voting for Tant and Committeepersons voting for Clendenin. But this ‘blame Annette Taddeo’ garbage you’re coming up with is out of place. Taddeo was running for FDP Chair herself and was forced to drop out weeks after her election as the DEC Chair in Miami. Taddeo ended up endorsing Tant, but her Committeeman, Bret Berlin, was enraged at her dropping out of the race and it’s no surprise that he characteristically employed his charm, soft voice and highly diplomatic manipulative skills to maneuver a unified front counter to Taddeo.

  18. This race was poised to go to Clendenin quickly when Tant despite constant and quite honestly heavy handed lobbying from DWS and her cronies like Deutch were unable to move the race decisively towards Tant BEFORE last weekends key meetings. Kartik mentioned in an article last week that he thought those meetings and subsequent fallout would give clarity to the race. They certainly have and for Tant’s sake she probably should avoid the humiliating defeat that is looming and make a deal to get out. Cut the deal WITHOUT involving DWS who is right now the lightning rod motivating Clendenin’s support.

  19. Thanks. I wrote that last week with full knowledge of some things I wasn’t reporting and thinking the momentum was going to go one way or another and the race would have a clear front runner by Friday. It only took until Wednesday. Again, this race is NOT over yet but as I wrote yesterday the three metro Miami/Fort Lauderdale counties plus Hillsborough get you about 65% of the vote needed to win or about 33% of the overall statewide vote. Tant has almost universal support among elected officials who vote for Chair and that represents 120 votes overall but that is about the same as Broward OR Miami-Dade individually. So those elected officials can only cancel out one of those two counties, and that is not even including Palm Beach or Hillsborough.

    So look at it this way. The four largest blocs of votes are now PUBLICLY committed to Clendenin. It’s possible to overcome but the math is very difficult leaving little room for error.

  20. Not quite Waterloo yet but more like the Battle of Leipzig which hastened Napoleon’s demise. After this defeat he hurried back to Paris but was essentially defeated and exiled to Elba within several months. Then of course he escaped and we had Waterloo. So it is similar, Tant is still very much alive but clearly the underdog in the race as Napoleon was in October of 1813 after Leipzig (the Battle of the Nations.)

  21. DWS and her allies have erred badly. While she & Tant’s supporters just looked to the top of the ticket, we on the grassroots level see a crumbled infrastructure, no farm team, a continued situation where the party’s decision making about resources continues to be made by Tallahassee based consultants and staff, and results in the legislature that are worse than embarrassing. As Kartik regularly points out here our record is comparable with Utah and Idaho not Virginia or Ohio the states we get grouped in with regarding national politics.

    The Political Hurricane has done a great job outlining the key issues the party needs to address and pushing Clendenin forward. Dave’s series was a mistake and illogical lacking any sort of real connection to this race but beyond that the reporting has been excellent. Kartik’s opinion pieces have been spot on as have his reporting which appeared to biased but now in fact were more accurate than the DWS spin the papers had. Dave’s DBT online piece will win an award for great research and investigative journalism. Dave’s series which was a mistake seemed more to settle scores than anything else but the reporting has since bounced back here and the guest column from Kevin Thurman hit the spot as well.

    Without this site we may not be in this position to recapture our party. Thank you guys!!!!!

  22. This is the biggest and best news of the race. Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties have different interests than much of the rest of the state as posted above. AND THOSE INTERESTS HAVE BEEN LONG NEGLECTED. It’s a about time we had a grassroots run party that isn’t at the whim of DWS childish temper tantrums.

    I agree with the above posters that congratulate TPH on doing a great job during the race with the exception of Trotter’s odd series which may have just been a bad Holiday Prank.

  23. My Hats Off to the Political Hurricane for being the open voice forum where everyone who cares deeply about the Florida Democratic Party and the future of the Majority Party here in Florida can air the truth without fear of reprisal that all the daily mainstream papers, who are in the pockets of the establishment Tallahassee and Washington cronies and the bullying by Debbie Shultz and Bill Nelson and Scott Arceneaux, are scared to print!

    Speaking of the Majority Party, the Tallahassee “clowns” who run the party, like Scott Arceneaux and his “court jesters”, the worthless out of state political consultants and ALL the current in-state consultants who have wasted millions of our hard earned dollars consistantly loosing races around the state, should ALL be shown the door because the party is over!

    Alan Clendenin represents, new blood, new ideas and badly needed change that the party desperately needs.

    Here is the bottom line:

    The “clowns” pulling Allison Tant’s strings, would have you believe that because Obama won Florida, everything is fine, keep the status quo.

    The reality behind the smokescreen Allison’s clowns are blowing at you is this:

    what controlling party does the Governor, the entire Florida Cabinet: the Agriculture Commissioner, the Attorney General and the Chief Financial Officer belong to…OH that’s right, the Republican Party!!!

    That’s not all: ask yourself, what controlling party does the majority of the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate belong to…OH that’s right, the Republican Party!!!

    Now follow me here, because I know that the three Stooges, Congresswoman I Know Nothing “Sgt. Shultz”, Sen “Commander Space Shuttle Nelson” and Chief Clown and Tant String Puller ‘Director Arceneaux”, all want you to believe that everything is fine BUT ask yourself, with all the millions that the party spent this cycle on their “consultants” on Democratic campaigns around the state: HOW COME A BLACK MAN WITH A NAME LIKE SADAM HUSSEIN OBAMA WINS REDNECK FLORIDA WITH 50% + OF THE VOTE (TWICE IN A ROW NOW) AND ALL THE REST OF OUR FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES DOWN THE BALLOT GET THEIR BUTS KICKED AND THE MINORITY REPUBLICAN PARTY CONTINUES TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF STATE GOVERNMENT???

    Wake UP Democrats!! The Republicans are laughing at us stupid Democrats, all the way to the bank, because we continue to reward failure with the losers in Tallahassee and Washington who control our party.

    That’s why the vote last night from the big counties went the way it did.

    It’s very simple: WE ARE TIRED OF LOOSING and being told what to do!!!!

    The Republicans are praying every night from now to the election that we are stupid enough to elect Allison Tant from Tallahassee our next FDP Chair.

    The Democratic Congressional Delegation, except for Congresswoman Kathy Castor, who rolled over and just endorsed Tant for Chair because of the bullying by Sgt Debbie Shultz should think twice before they piss off the grass roots Democrats who they need to get re-elected in their districts too.


    That is why Alan Clendenin for FDP Chair is what the Florida Democratic Party needs right now!!!

  24. Ramos is claiming he endorses Tant. Still 7 of 8 from the three largest counties still is nearly insurmountable.

  25. With all due respect to Mr Ramos from Palm Beach County, his signature is on the endorsement pledge card of the large counties who voted as a group to endorsed Alan Clendenin last night.

    And now he wants to take back his signed pledge and vote?

    Unfortunately, Mr Ramos does not want to be a team player.

    Mr Ramos was on the loosing end of the vote last night and he was on the loosing end of the State Hispanic Caucus endorsement vote when the Caucus voted overwhelmingly to endorse Alan Clendenin as well.

    I’m sorry that Mr Ramos feels the way he does, but if doesn’t get of his butt and smell the roses and help us clean out the stench of the crooks and clowns of worthless leaders and consultants who have ruined the Democratic Party in Tallahassee then Mr Ramos will be the one to blame.

    Is Mr Ramos secretly working for the Republicans, like Sgt Debbie Shultz, Captain Bill Nelson and Director Scott Arceneaux to ensure that their puppet Allison Tant continue the Democrats loosing streak?

    If the Democrats want to continue their very unsuccessful loosing streak in Florida that the Washington Capitols have against the Harllem Globetrotters then please don’t listen to the sour grapes like Mr Ramos.

    Lets support Alan Clendenin for FDP Chair!

  26. To John Ramos: one thing that you can always count on when your fellow sailors on the ship are banning together to help each other, the RATS are the first ones to jump and help themselves!

  27. Ramos was clearly bought off with whatever Debbie had to offer. Maybe a free plane ride with the President on Air Force One. I agree with Concerned Dem a total Rat!

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