New Endorsements in FDP Chair Race; Alex Sink Endorses Clendenin

In the last 24 hours, major endorsements have come down in the race for FDP Chair.

Monica Russo, the President of the SEIU Florida State Council endorsed Allison Tant saying: “Allison’s dedication to grassroots advocacy for the disabled, public education, and quality health care are aligned with the values of 55,000 active and retired members of SEIU in Florida. In addition, she brings a vitality and tenaciousness to campaigning and fundraising that will be required in order to win real gains for Floridians both legislatively and electorally.”

Mike Williams, who is extremely influential in Tallahassee, and among labor throughout the state endorsed Alan Clendenin.

“I am proud to support Alan Clendenin to be the next Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Like myself, Alan has been a union member and dedicated labor activist and he understands the needs and struggles of Florida’s working families. Alan has espoused the best values ofFlorida’s workers through concrete action. His proven record shows that he understands the power of emboldening a strong grassroots base of activists and the strength of making campaigns about people and values, not just campaign money. He is the perfect candidate to meet the needs of Florida Democrats. As we turn to the 2014 elections that will decide the direction for Florida’s future, we need someone like Alan as party chair. Someone that can make sure that the party speaks clearly to the values we hold dear while being successful at the ballot box,” said Williams.

I would personally rate Williams as the most influential (non teachers) union leader in the state among Democrats. Russo’s endorsement does matter as well, as SEIU is very well organized in Central Florida and Miami-Dade County.

Today, Alison Tant announced the support of several state committee people in medium sized counties, while Clendenin with perhaps the biggest news of all was endorsed by former CFO and 2010 Gubernatorial nominee Alex Sink.

“Alan is a fearless advocate for Democrats and I have seen firsthand over the years how he has worked tirelessly to represent Democrats, serving as a State and National Committeeman, organizing to deliver votes to many successfully elected Democrats in Florida, and recruiting candidates to run for office. Alan has put forth a plan and vision which will lead our Party forward and help us continue to win elections at all levels,” said Sink.

Sink is the only Democrat this millennium to win a state office, as Republicans have won 13 of the last 14 elections for Florida Cabinet and Governor.

The Tampa Bay Times has just released a story on the race which can be found here.


3 thoughts on “New Endorsements in FDP Chair Race; Alex Sink Endorses Clendenin

  1. So much for Tant having the entire establishment…

    Can we assume Crist is with Tant then, if Sink is with Clendenin?

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