More Developments in FDP Chair Race

It seems like we are writing multiple posts a day about the state of the race, so here is the latest update.

  • Allison Tant has received the support of all of the NW Florida counties except Okaloosa which has endorsed Alan Clendenin. I’m told Holmes County however has not committed to Tant, despite being included in Tant’s release.
  • Tant has secured many commitments from Central Florida while Clendenin picked up several from the counties surrounding Tampa.
  • Palm Beach County State Committeeman John Ramos is the subject of much intrigue today. He signed an endorsement for Clendenin just two days ago but now apparently is supporting Tant.
  • The Dolphin Democratic Club in the Broward County, the most active and influential grassroots LGBT partisan group in the state has endorsed Clendenin.
  • According to a tally sheet from Jon Ausman, whose  outstanding 20-year track record of numbers crunching and knowing party rules speaks for itself, Clendenin is 77% of the way to the necessary votes for chair based on commitments whereas Tant is  59% of the way there. The rest of the votes are uncommitted. (This tally includes Ramos in the Tant column)

Both Tant and Clendenin are expected to speak tonight at the Palm Beach DEC meeting in Delray Beach.


13 thoughts on “More Developments in FDP Chair Race

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  2. My Hats Off to the Political Hurricane for being the open voice forum where everyone who cares deeply about the Florida Democratic Party and the future of the Majority Party here in Florida can air the truth without fear of reprisal that all the daily mainstream papers, who are in the pockets of the establishment Tallahassee and Washington cronies and the bullying by Debbie Shultz and Bill Nelson and Scott Arceneaux, are scared to print!

    Speaking of the Majority Party, the Tallahassee “clowns” who run the party, like Scott Arceneaux and his “court jesters”, the worthless out of state political consultants and ALL the current in-state consultants who have wasted millions of our hard earned dollars consistantly loosing races around the state, should ALL be shown the door because the party is over!

    Alan Clendenin represents, new blood, new ideas and badly needed change that the party desperately needs.

    Here is the bottom line:

    The “clowns” pulling Allison Tant’s strings, would have you believe that because Obama won Florida, everything is fine, keep the status quo.

    The reality behind the smokescreen Allison’s clowns are blowing at you is this:

    what controlling party does the Governor, the entire Florida Cabinet: the Agriculture Commissioner, the Attorney General and the Chief Financial Officer belong to…OH that’s right, the Republican Party!!!

    That’s not all: ask yourself, what controlling party does the majority of the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate belong to…OH that’s right, the Republican Party!!!

    Now follow me here, because I know that the three Stooges, Congresswoman I Know Nothing “Sgt. Shultz”, Sen “Commander Space Shuttle Nelson” and Chief Clown and Tant String Puller ‘Director Arceneaux”, all want you to believe that everything is fine BUT ask yourself, with all the millions that the party spent this cycle on their “consultants” on Democratic campaigns around the state: HOW COME A BLACK MAN WITH A NAME LIKE SADAM HUSSEIN OBAMA WINS REDNECK FLORIDA WITH 50% + OF THE VOTE (TWICE IN A ROW NOW) AND ALL THE REST OF OUR FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES DOWN THE BALLOT GET THEIR BUTS KICKED AND THE MINORITY REPUBLICAN PARTY CONTINUES TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF STATE GOVERNMENT???

    Wake UP Democrats!! The Republicans are laughing at us stupid Democrats, all the way to the bank, because we continue to reward failure with the losers in Tallahassee and Washington who control our party.

    That’s why the vote last night from the big counties went the way it did.

    It’s very simple: WE ARE TIRED OF LOOSING and being told what to do!!!!

    The Republicans are praying every night from now to the election that we are stupid enough to elect Allison Tant from Tallahassee our next FDP Chair.

    The Democratic Congressional Delegation, except for Congresswoman Kathy Castor, who rolled over and just endorsed Tant for Chair because of the bullying by Sgt Debbie Shultz should think twice before they piss off the grass roots Democrats who they need to get re-elected in their districts too.


    That is why Alan Clendenin for FDP Chair is what the Florida Democratic Party needs right now!!!

  3. With all due respect to Mr Ramos from Palm Beach County, his signature is on the endorsement pledge card of the large counties who voted as a group to endorsed Alan Clendenin last night.

    And now he wants to take back his signed pledge and vote?

    Unfortunately, Mr Ramos does not want to be a team player.

    Mr Ramos was on the loosing end of the vote last night and he was on the loosing end of the State Hispanic Caucus endorsement vote when the Caucus voted overwhelmingly to endorse Alan Clendenin as well.

    I’m sorry that Mr Ramos feels the way he does, but if doesn’t get of his butt and smell the roses and help us clean out the stench of the crooks and clowns of worthless leaders and consultants who have ruined the Democratic Party in Tallahassee then Mr Ramos will be the one to blame.

    Is Mr Ramos secretly working for the Republicans, like Sgt Debbie Shultz, Captain Bill Nelson and Director Scott Arceneaux to ensure that their puppet Allison Tant continue the Democrats loosing streak?

    If the Democrats want to continue their very unsuccessful loosing streak in Florida that the Washington Capitols have against the Harllem Globetrotters then please don’t listen to the sour grapes like Mr Ramos.

  4. Keep the steady flow of shared info coming Kartik. The future of the FDP and the lives of Floridians are at stake in determining who is elected and how we move forward. Your making this race live approach is going to help the process.

  5. Concerned Democrat, please stop posting until you know the difference between losing a race and loosing a shitstorm…

  6. Clendenin victory means the party has zero $. Idealism is good and I understans why many back him but it will be a disaster. Be practical people.

  7. Alan Clendenin is the only one qualified for the job. And his vision goes beyond the next campaign to a long term committment to bring it to fruition. We need that kind of leadership. Don’t let anyone bully you!

  8. I do not know if people necessarily understand the situation outside south Florida and why people here are so pissed at John Ramos. Despite everything we hear from outsiders about “south Florida controlling the party” nothing is further from the truth. Maybe elected officials from down here have a disproportional amount of influence compared to their colleagues but at the party level everything is being decided by people who never travel down here and this has depressed turnout and activism. The decision this time was to VOTE AS A BLOC BECAUSE UNIFIED WE CANNOT LOSE.

    I like Alan Clendenin but he is simply a vehicle for many down here to express their frustrations with the party. Tant is not getting the activist support here because of that. It is pretty simple. So Ramos double crossed his region, his DEC and whatever principles he may have.

  9. The premise that Alan would raise no money is completely wrong. Allison raised over $300,000. The finance director for the Al Lawson campaign raised almost $1,000,000. Neither Alan or Allison are experienced raising the amount of money a state party needs to raise and that’s why they can hire someone who knows the ropes.

    Allison is being courted by national donors who don’t donate to the state party and most likely never will. They are primarily being used to manipulate people by making promises they don’t have to keep. The money that goes into the party isn’t going to dry up. This is false messaging used by Tant supporters to intimidate people.

  10. Tant’s people dispute Ausman’s numbers. Some of them are too stupid to actually understand what is happening and that Alan is capturing the grassroots rage at the insiders that have destroyed this party leading us to a losing streak unmatched by similar states in the country. Kartik’s constant points out of losing 13 of 14 statewide elections happened with TANT’S ALLIES RUNNING THE PARTY!

    Ausman’s numbers which they are disputing reflect this race with those who work hard every day for our party saying no no no to the continued brow beating of DWS and her ilk.

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  12. I’m State Committeeman of Franklin Co, FL and I endorse Alan Clendenin! (We are a north Florida County!!)

  13. I was the Franklin County Captain for the Al Lawson for CD-2 in 2012… Alan’s plan will greatly help organize voters and volunteers, with his plan we can win the youth back and start chiseling away at State Legislative seats… The U.S. House and Senate seats come naturally after that!

    Bobby Johnson
    State Committeeman
    Franklin DEC

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