FDP Chairs Race: Latest Tally Sheet Shows Narrow Clendenin Lead

Nobody counts votes or knows FDP rules better than Jon Ausman. Last night, the long time party heavyweight sent out his latest tally sheet from the FDP Chair’s Race, and it showed the narrowest possible lead for Alan Clendenin among COMMITTED State Committee members. It is worth noting that many of the votes listed as uncommitted are leaning strongly towards either Alan Clendenin and Allison Tant. My understanding is that both campaigns have themselves with higher vote counts than Ausman’s tally sheet which among other reasons means Ausman’s tally sheet is while more cautious, probably largely accurate.

I’ll have a more detailed analysis of this chair’s race later today. I apologize for the infrequency of the posts the last few days as I am in Indianapolis all week for my company’s Annual General Meeting, and a major trade show.


3 thoughts on “FDP Chairs Race: Latest Tally Sheet Shows Narrow Clendenin Lead

  1. Time to call bs. This site has now several times promised a vote count later in the day and not once delivered. What’s the deal kartik? Do you not want to show us how much Allisom is losing by?

  2. He said he is away for work and apologized for the infrequent postings. Sheesh. Give the man a break…he actually does have to work for a living.

  3. Thanks Jayne. Both Kartik and I have jobs that are not politically related whatsoever. Therefore, sometimes it is hard to get posts up. There might be times where (speaking of me) I have lots of time on my hands. Other times I don’t. People that work in politics are oblivious to the 9-5 workers, I hate to say. Some don’t realize that if they call someone at 3 PM, there is a high likelihood they are actually working and not thinking of politics.

    Thanks again Jayne.

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