Vote Breakdown in FDP Chairs Race: Where Do Things Stand?

Over the course of the last few weeks we have gotten numerous requests to indicate where each county stands in the race for FDP Chair. I have to this point hesitated because though the vote is public, I have always believed in secret ballots at the DEC and FDP level in order to prevent coercion and arm twisting.

However, given the mounting demand and the willingness of many State Committee members to publicly announce commitments in the race, I have compiled the list of PUBLIC commitments below. Also if you want a running vote total as compiled by numbers cruncher extraordinaire Jon Ausman, please contact me. I am not publishing Mr. Ausman’s work on this site so please contact me personally if you want to know his latest vote projections.   If anyone has additions to make to this list please email me or leave a comment in the comments section. The full list is below:


Small County Coalition – Tant

Hispanic Caucus – Clendenin

Black Caucus – Clendenin

Business Caucus – Clendenin

Environmental Caucus – Clendenin

Veterans Caucus – Clendenin

County  (only commitments announced. This is not a complete list of PRIVATE commitments just PUBLIC ones. Only counties with public commitments of any kind are listed)

Alachua  – Tant

Bay – Tant

Bradford – Clendenin

Brevard – Tant

Broward – Clendenin

Charlotte – Tant

Flagler – Tant

Gadsden – Tant

Hardee – Tant

Hernando – Tant

Hillsborough – Clendenin

Jackson – Tant

Jefferson – Tant

Manatee – Clendenin

Miami- Dade – Clendenin

Okaloosa – Clendenin

Orange – Tant

Osceola – Tant

Pasco – split

Palm Beach – split

Polk – Clendenin

Sarasota – Tant

Wakulla – Tant

Walton – Tant

Elected Officials w/ votes

Senator Nelson  – Tant

Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz – Tant

Congresswoman Brown – Tant

Congresswoman Wilson – Tant

Congressman Deutch – Tant

Congressman Garcia – Tant

Congresswoman Castor – Clendenin

Congressman Murphy – Tant

Congressman Hastings – Tant

Congresswoman Frankel – Tant

Congressman Grayson –  Tant

House Minority Leader Thurston – Tant


11 thoughts on “Vote Breakdown in FDP Chairs Race: Where Do Things Stand?

  1. This is the reason we have the weighted vote. The counties where Ds get crushed are mostly supporting Tant but since the four biggest counties are for Clendenin he may still win.


  2. Very interesting, thanks for your work.

    I read an interesting statistical analysis by Kenton NGO discussing the limitations of the weighted vote allocation used in the DEC race, one in which he argues that it unnecessarily over inflates the influence of votes smaller (mostly northern) counties:

    HAs anyone read this? Of course too late to change things now, but what do you make of this?

  3. Not only the qualifications and the attributes of each candidate should be considered, but notice should also be paid to the matter of such extraordinary pressure being put on individuals to support Tant. It is a very strange scenario that’s been going on, and I’d like to understand why there’s been such a vociferous effort to try to convince electors to vote for Tant. The methods used to put such pressure on individuals should be examined. What is it that the political operatives supporting Tant really want, and why do they seem to be trying to agressively throw their weight around? Why do some power players seem to strongly oppose Clendenin?

  4. I am sure a deal will be made. That is how the corruption is covered up or through the lack of press. Hey Alison did you not know you were making hard for people to vote and that you lied in front of PBC that you were not a lobbyist.

  5. There is a lot of pressure being brought to bear on Ramos. Apparently promises have been made to him and he seem willing to vote against the wishes of our DEC membership. This is still a work in progress!

  6. This is a pivotal point for the party. What is going on here is a struggle between the “status quo” old Florida Democratic Party and the grassroots movement to return our party to the people! Ms. Tant is a BFF of DWS and we all know that “Debbie gets what she wants” and she want Tant in the job! If you care about our party, contact your legislators and tell them you want them to represent the people who elected them. Give them the courage to stand up to the pressure and vote for Alan Clendenin!

  7. Deals can only be made between willing parties. I am confident that Alan will not cut a deal, he has already refused one huge offer. We all need to let our voting representatives how we feel. Our pressure must be stronger than the establishment’s pressure!

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