FDP Chairs Race: Time to Move On

Saturday’s FDP Chair’s Election was the closest in decades. Allison Tant’s narrow victory over Alan Clendenin came after a spirited campaign where both candidates brought forward ideas to move a party that has been performing below an acceptable level forward. But as we saw in the campaign, some supporters of both candidates are either acting as sore losers or far from magnanimous victors.

It is time for Democratic activists to move on, accepting the result if you are a Clendenin supporters like myself and accepting the relative closeness of the result means dissatisfaction exists with the party as is if you were a Tant supporter. From this day forward we must all be strong supporters of Allison Tant and her attempts to reform and rebuild the Florida Democratic Party.

I am not going to outline specific examples because a) I would like to see this type of behavior curtailed and b) the examples from the last two days are too numerous to list here. Much like the campaign itself, people who were on both sides of the Chair’s race have been guilty of this behavior.

As progressives we must all band together beginning today to organize a viable and strong effort to defeat Rick Scott and Republicans in the Cabinet and Legislature. That effort should unite us and take the energy that has been harnessed during this chair’s campaign and move us forward together.


16 thoughts on “FDP Chairs Race: Time to Move On

  1. I agree that we must band together. I was also a Clendenin supporter and I’m hoping that Allison Tant has the wisdom to recognize his talents when it comes to organizing and motivating the troops. We’ll need them both to beat Scott in 2014.

  2. The both suck who are you kidding? My hope is that Tant will get pressured in on actually doing things differently by promoting real grassroots, raising money and pushing Democrats who understand quality legislation. None of the bullshit with Crist.

  3. Geez! As usual, Dems will fight with other Dems and as usual undermine each other. Good thing the Republicans are self-disintegrating while we argue with ourselves.

  4. I agree. Alan’s talents should not be relegated to a back room. He had a lot of the organizations that mobilized voters supporting him and will continue to support him in the upcoming elections.

  5. It is absolutely true. She was one of only three lobbyists for DBT Online when they were hired by the state to purge voters.

  6. Those of us who backed Clendenin must keep the pressure up. This “unity” thing is two ways. They are acting all arrogant and self congratulatory afterwards. The big winners are Rick Scott and all the Republicans. Tant will keep the status quo LOSER Dem party.

  7. In reply to everyone; did it ever occur to any of you that just because one’s registration says democrat does not a democrat make ? Republiscum began an infiltration process about 30 years ago, into everything talk radio, TV, environmental groups (SEE Audubon), college admistrations and the democratic party. Let’s face it more important than the purge was her husband’s representation of Bush orchestrating the 1st judicial coup de tat! As we all should know our capital county’s SOE, Ion Sancho, conducted an actual official “unofficial” recount under the rules and laws of our state … Gore won by more than 10,000 votes. Tant’s job is to maintain the status quo … this is not sour grapes just the truth!

  8. Don’t forget Tant’s husband represented Bush. The Democrats are beyond stupid to have elected Tant. She’s just a further enabler of the consultants and lobbyists who have long thrown races in this state to keep this ridiculously huge GOP majority.

    On Saturday they STOLE the election from Clendenin in plain sight of activists and reporters who are too passive to do the jobs they are paid to do!Maybe they are scared they will lose access to Queen DWS and her court jesters.

  9. We will move on when we can be assured all the votes were counted properly, proxies validated and state committee people proerly elected.

    The Democrats are HYPOCRITES. If they talk about stolen elections and electoral reform again they are can be rightly called LIARS, especially ROD SMITH.

    They are maniacal controlling losers who as this site points out has the worst record of any state party in the eastern half of the country.

    Screw them and the calls for unity. It isn’t on us it is on THEM! They threatened anyone who dared speak up or speak out. They blackballed anyone who voted against them.

    Let them be the leaders they claim to be and bring us together. I am not groveling back to them. Not now, not ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I think unity must come from those who stole from those who are agreived.


    if left to its own devices a vast majority of votes on the state committee would have been cast for Alan Clendenin but through intimidation, outright vote buying, fraud (including deliberately releasing the wrong results early so it looked like a big Tant win) non verifying of proxies and non purging of ineligible voters, the FDP has kept a losing team in place which empowers the GOP on two fronts.


    This group of demo operatives and consultants that are backing Tant have lost everything around the state over the last however many election cycles. Many of them double dip as lobbyists and work hard to keep the Dem Party small, controllable and Tallahassee centric. The staff and consultants continue to rule the roost so to speak.


    By stealing an election and not being able to count properly, The FDP has handed election reform as an issue away. The GOP will make light of any demo attempt to push this agenda.

  11. I am happy to band together when the “winners” concede the party has done a horrendously poor job in campaigns and engaging the grassroots and that the strong Clendenin showing is an indication of disaffection with the leadership and I use that term lightly.

  12. We were totally railroaded in this election. Many will move to work hard outside the party if the Tant faction does not make some of the changes suggested by Alan. The message was loud and clear. Business as usual is not acceptable.

    The ball is in there court.

  13. To “The Corporatists” and their Democratic Party Allies:

    “How sweet is the aroma of TRUTH to those who seek it. How malodorous is TRUTH to those who have chosen to ignore it.”

    As I have stated publicly since early 2007, the Florida Democratic Party facilitates Republican political dominance in this state. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Lz5dzxJgA The leadership of the Democratic Party has been, and continues to be purposefully inept in order to assure the continuation of this paradigm.

    There is no lie that cannot be told. Clearly the “selection” of Ms. Tant to “lead” the FDP out of its well orchestrated dilemma has now Officially Codified my long held contention that the FDP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party of Florida.

    Remember THIS? Don’t blame me… Blame the Miami Herald! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM1qEtNIgSM

    The sad reality is that citizens of every political persuasion will pay the price directly related to the conscious decision to follow rather than to lead, made by Alan Grayson and others in positions of authority within “The Party” to maintain the sorry status quo.

    There has been some discussion among certain objective thinking outsiders concerning the origins of the events of this past Saturday relating to a probable unspoken foundation underlying this “appointment.”

    Consider if you will the possibility of a common thread revealing something of a cultural component moving in to fix “official control” of the Florida Democratic Party? What common definable trait is there associated with the team composed of Wasserman-Schultz, Grayson, Dickman and Tant, et al other than the desire to maintain the status quo?

    Yes, DEMOCRATS… You, through the weakness exhibited by foolish followers such as Jocelyn Dickman (who are so easily manipulated by a personal word from a semi-famous talking head) will sell out the present and future of the citizens of the State of Florida at the drop of a hat.
    Consequences predicted that ring familiar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29DvURtmZwM

    There is little left to imagine relative to what Democrats will do to suppress the TRUTH concerning the background of the current Speaker of The Florida House of Representatives when he is designated by the powers that be to run for Governor or federal office. Ah yes, as it has always been before, it is forever “The Messenger” who must be discredited, no matter the facts.

    Democrats, you ARE the able allies of the “Corporatists.” It is amazing how a body so weak can manage to cause so much havoc.

    The paradigm is: No matter what someone has done, including in case of newly anointed FDP chair, Allison Taint, directly participating in the illicit “appointment” of George W. Bush to the office of President of the United States, Allison is today… “A GOOD Democrat! Just gett’n started… Ah, the merits of one party, “The Money Party.”

    Sincerely, John Russell

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