Rubio Announces Opposition to Hagel

After an inquisition of historic proportions by demagogic Republican members of the Armed Services Committee, Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced his opposition to Chuck Hagel’s nomination.  Rubio, outside of his efforts at immigration reform, continues to rack up a record that is comparable to the most reactionary and  right wing members of congress.

Rubio who preaches the free market in one breath but whose view of foreign affairs would actually severly limit the ability for American companies to do business abroad, thus HURTING the US economy and creating job losses here at home said the following according to Politico.

“I’ve stated long ago I’ve been deeply disturbed by his previous comments and positions in regards to sanctions on Iran and in regards to direct negotiations with North Korea,” Rubio told Fox News during Hagel’s testimony. “Obviously, statements he’s made about Israel…I just don’t believe I will be able to support his nomination especially after his testimony in the last hour here, he’s really not said anything that addresses those concerns to my satisfaction.”

The rock star quality in Rubio that has attracted various right wing leaders to his cause meant he was always going to oppose Hagel. The grandstanding by Republican Senators today towards an ex-colleague (Rubio by the way never served with Hagel) was a disgrace. John McCain in particular made a complete fool out of himself in my opinion during today’s hearings.
Much of the opposition to Hagel, I believe is being stimulated behind closed doors by defense contractors and others tied to a military industrial complex that has benefited off of the sort Pentagon largess Hagel is sure to tackle in a way no previous Secretary of Defense has. Using fear tactics and misrepresenting the record, these tactics have worked to foster opposition to a nominee whose voting record in the Senate was one of a conservative Republican.
Rubio’s statement today just further marries him to the most reactionary forces in the GOP and rewards the campaign of fear and demagoguery being waged by Hagel’s opponents and those who seem to question the legitimacy of President Obama’s election.

7 thoughts on “Rubio Announces Opposition to Hagel

  1. Rubio, in my opinion appeals to those who subscribe to fear and can’t (because of emotion) separate facts from belief…..They are the same
    folks that voted for Scott becasue his mother said he was a good boy….

  2. I oppose Hagel, but from the left. Hagel was and is a conservative. Maybe he’s a middle of the road conservative, but from the other side of the aisle and who consistently voted on the right.
    The main reason that Rubio and his cohorts oppose Hagel is because he was nominated by Obama. This is not any great surprise.

  3. Hagel called Iran a democracy! I am an anti-war liberal but I know that is so far removed from reality and it makes him an extreme leftist on defense.

  4. I understand your view and also have concerns about Hagel’s positions on social issues and the environment. That having been said I support him because I think he will be forced to conform to Obama’s world view on those issues while leading a major draw down of the Pentagon’s waste and excess. It is amazing to me Republicans pontificate about deficits and debt when the leading cause of our problems, two poorly planned and ill conceived wars started by Bush and his neo-con allies are responsible.

  5. Jack Straw who was Tony Blair’s excellent Foreign Secretary said the following in 2005:

    Mr Straw said: “Iran is a completely different country and situation from Iraq. Iran is an emerging democracy and there would be no case whatsoever for taking any kind of action.”

    Now the situation has changed since then relative to nuclear weapons, but Iran has freer and fairer elections than any of the US allies in the Gulf region. That is a FACT. Hagel maybe should have been more careful with his words but still his point should be well taken.

    By the way, Secretary Straw must be suffering now. The Lancashire man is passionate Blackburn Rovers fan and they were relegated from the Premier League last season and are not getting promoted back this season. Poor chap…

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