Jim Greer Pleads Guilty (UPDATED)

Greer plead guilty on five counts this morning. So much for the trial of the century in Florida politics.

The RPOF has released this statement:

“Today, Jim Greer, the man Charlie Crist personally picked to lead the Republican Party of Florida, admitted his guilt to five felony charges. For the past three years, Jim Greer has tried to damage the reputation of the Republican Party and its leaders, but the truth is now known that Jim Greer broke the law, stole from RPOF and our donors, and then said and did everything he could to cover up and distract attention from his crimes. Everything Jim Greer has said and done over these past few years should be considered in that light.”

Obviously this spares Governor Crist and many Republicans the potentially embarrassing details that may have altered the complexion of the 2014 races for Governor, Cabinet and Legislature.

However, it seems the RPOF sees this as yet another opportunity to pounce on Crist. At a time when Governor Rick Scott is trying very hard to remake his image, Crist has emerged as the Democrat who has perhaps the best opportunity to knock off Scott. The RPOF has shown time and time again a diabolical obsession with Crist and once again today they could not avoid taking an unsolicited shot at the former Governor.

But Crist escapes this episode despite the efforts of the RPOF as essentially unscathed. Weeks of speculation about how Pam Bondi and Rick Scott would fuel this flames of this trial to their own benefit even if it hurt other Republicans have come to pass. Crist escapes as the big winner while other Republicans will be pleased the details of some scandalous moments, particularly the stripper laden trip to the Bahamas will not be front and center.


11 thoughts on “Jim Greer Pleads Guilty (UPDATED)

  1. Unbelievable! Just when we were going to learn all of the juicy details. I thought Jim promised us that this was going to end like a Shakespearean play where everyone dies in the end? I guess the only one dying is Jim.

  2. Unfreakingbelievable! As Barney says he said this was going to end like a Shakespearean play. Instead he sold out AGAIN!

  3. Someone bought his silence. That is the only logicial reason when it comes to Florida politics. Too many big shots would have ended up taking a fall. just the facts alone on that weekend in the Bahamas would have been more than enough. All those Family Values phoneys with a golf cart full of hookers. Let’s hope Greer writes a book. Unless the republican party bought the rights to that too.

  4. There is always a deal just not for “The People” but the corruption still is part of “The People’s Governor” who should see this as a gift. All will come out so it might be a good idea for this fool Sorry Charlie Tuna not to run for any office….for now.

  5. Come on…did you really think they were going to let the dogs out? Between the Democrat and Republican new chairs I am sure they split the baby by paying Greer to plea in order to cover both parties asses

  6. No one bought anything. Despite the gossip, he did commit the crimes, he figured it out it was not worth extra jail time to throw mud at Charlie that as usual with Charlie probably wouldn’t stick

  7. I agree……a future consideration deal was very likely struck to buy his silence now. My guess is he won’t serve that much prison time and someone will payoff the possible $$$ judgment too. Bet on GOP power players and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone close to Charlie was involved as well!

  8. Of course Greer was guilty. So was most people that were going to testify including Mr. Crist and his BFF that makes money off of WARS. These losers are the biggest crooks. Charlie and company are sick bastards and no one is done with them.

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