Former Republican is first Democratic House candidate to announce since Rouson’s victory.


Scott Herman, Republican in November…Democrat today.

Less than one month after former Republican Darryl Rouson became head of the candidate recruitment for the Florida Democrats, a former Republican has already announced he is running for House District 93 in Broward County.

This candidate is Scott Herman. For those of you who might find that name familiar, this is the same man who ran against current Democratic Party Leader Perry Thurston in 2012…as a Republican.

Of course, we are not entirely sure if Rouson recruited Herman, who has only been a resident of the State of Florida since 2009. But if he did, then this might be a first mistake of his short term as top candidate recruiter.

This seems to possibly indicate a few things. First, if Rouson did recruit Herman, then Rouson seems to have strong contacts with the Republican Party, even today.

Second, does the Herman candidacy (if recruited by Rouson), which is in a key district for Democrats, show a possible trend of Mr. Rouson looking at former Republicans as the backbone of his Democratic recruiting effort? Democrats can hope that this isn’t the case.

Apparently, Mr. Herman has had a quicker “change of heart” than Mr. Rouson did when he started running as a Democrat. We will now see who else Mr. Rouson recruits for the House Democrats. This, easily, isn’t an encouraging sign, if he indeed recruited Mr. Herman.


11 thoughts on “Former Republican is first Democratic House candidate to announce since Rouson’s victory.

  1. I do not trust these born again Dems.. Just look at Murphery and some of the anti-Obama positions he has staked out.

  2. This was not a Rouson recruit, in fact look at the press release from the FL GLBT Democratic Caucus. It seems they had a large role recruiting him

  3. Thanks for the information. It would be nice to know why he was a Republican for so many years and only just made the switch.

  4. What about Will Weatherford???

    Thanks, peace and be well, Clay G. Colson Board Director and Water Issues Chair Citizens for Sanity.Com, Inc. Public need over corporate greed (813) 601-3391 “Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”— Cree Indian Proverb

  5. All we do is recruit former Republicans including the author of this piece…I’ve been told that by a little birdie.

  6. Really, who? Considering I have only ever recruited one candidate in my life, it will be interesting to see what your answer is.

  7. Oh and thanks for all the attacks on us idiots in Florida on social media. Stick to international politics. We are beneath your intellect buddy.

  8. He apparently was an “old school” moderate Republican, very socially liberal but slightly hawkish (military background) and fiscally conservative. He served as a County Commissioner in NC, then moved to Fl when he retired from the military

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