If Elected Would Crist Actually Govern From The Left

Feeding off yesterday’s excellent Dave Trotter piece asking if Charlie Crist could actually defeat Rick Scott, we ponder a related question

While many in Florida politics today are fixated on Jacksonville today with the growing Allied and FOP scandal, it is important to discuss the Governor’s race.The continued obsession with Charlie Crist has continued among Democrats in recent months growing to a fever pitch. Speculation about Crist’s plans and his presence in the Democratic Party fuels passion on all sides of the debate. But Crist himself will have to make a critical decision. For a man who has seemed to depend on likability and amicable relationships throughout his career with a Republican led Legislature he may very well just go along to get along. With many Democrats  desperate for any kind of success on the state level  ready to accept Crist with open arms they may not ask the questions that need to be asked of him. But progressives who form the backbone of the Obama coalition in this state must be given sufficient cover by the former Governor himself.  Crist’s positions on gun issues and his consistent partisan attacks in the 1990s on Governor Lawton Chiles will need to be addressed if he is to become a Democratic standard bearer.

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