Has Allison Tant’s campaign manager for FDP Chair “fudged” her educational credentials?


During the 2010 U.S. Senate race in Delaware, people questioned the education credentials of Christine O’Donnell. In her Linkedin page, O’Donnell claimed that she attended the University of Oxford. Upon further review, it was found out that O’Donnell did not attend Oxford, and instead attended a class by something called the Phoenix Institute, which rented space at Oxford.

Little did we know that in Florida we have a similar case. That would be the case of Beth Matuga. Matuga worked, according to her LinkedIn page, as Allison Tant’s campaign manager for the Florida Democratic Party chair’s race against Alan Clendenin.

Going back to LinkedIn, Matuga states that she received her education at Yale University. There is only one problem…she didn’t.

According to her resume, Matuga received both her BA in English Literature and her Masters in Applied American Politics and Policy at Florida State University. She then continues to put on her resume that he has an “education” from “Yale University” because she had attended The Women’s Campaign School, which is sponsored by the Yale Law School.

While that does sound nice, the “O’Donnell Effect” comes into place. Unlike traditional educational programs, which usually take years to complete, the 2013 Women’s Campaign School lasts from June 10th to June 14th. If we do the math correctly, that is a four-day program.

But then if we look even further into the program, we find that The Women’s Campaign School is somewhat similar to O’Donnell’s Phoenix Institute. While this program is sponsored by Yale Law School, it is not part of Yale itself. In fact, anyone completing this program does not have a credentialed education from Yale. The website for The Women’s Campaign School clearly states the following in their disclaimer:

“The Women’s Campaign School at Yale is a separate 501(c)(3) organization not affiliated with Yale University beyond the use of facilities at Yale to conduct programming”

In fact, Matuga’s false claim of a Yale education could possibly be seen as a violation of AAPC Code of Ethics, which many in the political science field strive to uphold.

During the 2010 campaign for Senate in Delaware, the media rightfully chastised O’Donnell for her false claims of education. Therefore, it should be applied to any within the political realm to have their credentials looked at, especially when they are making false claims. This in not only unfair to the public, but to the integrity of those working within the field of political science. As professionals, we must present ourselves in a professional, as well as honest, manner. And fudging a resume to state that you attended one of the top three political science institutions in the nation, when in fact you didn’t, is far from honest.


Since the publication of this article, Beth Matuga has contacted me, stating that this article has not shown the full educational credentials on her LinkedIn page. Therefore, we are inserting the credentials below:


As has already been mentioned in the article, Matuga continues to present this as education provided by “Yale University” when in fact the program has no affiliation whatsoever with Yale University, as the website’s disclaimer clearly states. Therefore, I stand by the original article, which questions the honesty of Matuga and her educational credentials.


12 thoughts on “Has Allison Tant’s campaign manager for FDP Chair “fudged” her educational credentials?

  1. Ms. Tant won and is our party’s state Chair…….kindly focus on the future not a subordinate’s related error of the past! No wonder this party can’t seem to win elections…..so much time and effort is spend on finding fault with our own!!

  2. I supported Annette Taddeo and then Tant and still strongly appreciate this article. Whenever any one of us does something dishonest, it hurts all of us. I let candidates know that I expect that when I volunteer in a campaign that they stay clean.
    Let the Republicans continue disgracing themselves. We need to stay honest, ethical and clean.

  3. Thanks Dog,
    I guess the amazing thing is that people give things like this a pass and treat it as if it isn’t concerning. Yes, it might not be breaking news from the Middle East, but it does tell of the integrity of the Florida Democrat Party. This party has been trying to change their image for the last decade or so. But it seems as if the FDP only wants to attack the Republicans, yet don’t care if anything is wrong in their own house.

    There is a reason why people like Lenny Curry and other Republicans rightfully laugh in the face of the FDP, and it is things like this. I mean, the FDP is relying on people who are faking their credentials, trying to deceive people into thinking they went to Yale when they didn’t? Is the FDP that hard-up for consulting advice? What is next, they are going to be setting up job fair booths are University of Phoenix?

    There is a point, and I am at that point, where Florida Democrats do get what they deserve. If they find this acceptable, then this is the level of talent they should expect. And so far, the results are showing what you get for this level of talent. I am just astonished that they require “the truth” from Republicans, but ever ask for the truth about themselves.

    But finally, I think there is a point there those in the FDP don’t really care about winning races and getting results, but instead they only care about being employed and making as much money off of Florida Democratic politics as possible. This is what VancourJones has been doing for years. This is what Hamilton Campaigns has been doing. Milking the cow is top priority. But if Democrats are alright with that system, who am I to get in their way?

  4. Her name is Richards, Tant is her maiden name, Barry Richards, her husband, was the lead attorney for Bush in Bush v Gore. As a sworn officer of the court it was his job to uphold our Constitution and laws yet his actions were to prevent more than ten thousand Floridians from having their votes counted. Allison Richards worked for a company that purged 57,000 black & latino voters from the rolls during 2000. She is only the FDP Chair by hook & crook from our elitist corporate Democrats that wish to maintain the status quo. Ms. Richards efforts so far show her failing to be a leader at all or even a competent fundraiser. We have been duped again. The problem for Florida’s Democrats is that leadership, at all levels, fails to recognize the party is to be run from the bottom up not the top down. Hence in a state with more Democrats than Republicans we live under the tyrannical rule of the latter. 4 more years to true leadership and we came so close this time it is a shame we will have to wait so long!

  5. Trotter you are incredible! You say countless times you could care less about Florida politics and say you are doing world politics and intellectual stuff and then keep coming back to these petty, personal attacks that may impact someone’s livelihood. Proud of yourself? You are so disconnected from the reality of Florida politics just like your “money and the FDP Chair Race” series. Also you seem determined to attack women and gay men.

    As for your former partner-in-crime Kartik Krishnaiyer I was liking his blog until two weeks ago when he began playing this Nan Rich is not speaking bit to attack the party. Rich accepted not speaking but Krishnaiyer began blogging EVERY FREAKING DAY ABOUT IT, using the left-wing crazy women in Broward County to attack Allison Tant who is trying her best to make this dinner more appealing for donors. Then Krishnaiyer went to the papers and now it is all over the place.

    So you are a petty, slanderous boy who does nothing but wallow in self pity on social media and then reverse yourself while KK is a total tool of the leftist activists down there in condo land who want to hand this election to Rick Scott.

    Charlie Crist will win and we are giving the race back to Scott thanks to Krishnaiyer and his allies.

    No wonder you guys wanted Clendenin. Maybe he was a Scott plant just like you guys.

  6. It is ALL about ETHICS! And pretending to be what they are not.. with the ulterior motive of POLITICAL ladder claiming to big buck$$$ !

  7. Well, the good thing about this article is that when people are doing research (such as a Google search) regarding a campaign consultant, this article will now come up on that search and show that there is some degree of legitimate job fraud. Again, it is important to uphold the standards of the profession. Again, I think the truth is important.

  8. Thanks for a good response, Dave. And thanks for the impressive research. But, I suspect that one consultant’s unethical acts may be just her own, not necessarily an implication of her clients, Allison Tant, or the FDP. This type of lying is all too common and way too accepted even on job applications and resumes.
    The lying consultant, Beth Matuga, should be held fully accountable for damaging the FDP. Can there be legal consequences?

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  10. No, nothing really legally can happen, but future clients can know about this. Also, I have been doing some research and past clients could possibly take legal action against her if she misrepresented her credentials to them, including Allison Tant. If Tant was under the assumption she was getting someone who was Yale-educated, Tant herself could possibly bring legal action. Still, I think Tant more than likely knew, or didn’t care (again, just an opinion).

    The reason I bring up issues like this is because I think the FDP has been going with talent that isn’t that great. Take the people who don’t fudge their credentials, like Hamilton Campaigns, who has amazingly inaccurate polling, yet the FDP still goes to them, and the party recommends them to candidates. Same with VancoreJones, which has staff telling statewide candidates to target remote north Florida counties instead of Central Florida. And these are the people who actually have true credentials. This reflects even more poorly on those who fudge their credentials, like Matuga.

    When I look at an overwhelming majority of those working within Florida Democratic politics (not just the FDP itself), I see people just trying to go after money instead of providing a service for that money. It’s all about “getting the contract”, not “can we win?” I will admit that I even found myself in that trap, as it seems to be the only way to get business in Florida Democratic politics. And even if they do provide a service, it isn’t great at that. There are very few people out there that actually understand “elections”. Most are people who want to get involved with elections have been active at the local level, but have no education or concept of how practical politics work. Yes, they might say “I have been working in Democratic Politics for the last five elections”, but what good is that when most or all of the clients that the person worked for were either not successful or were going to win no matter what? This is the reason why we rarely win elections in close races, because the talent isn’t there to win those types of seats.

    There is only very small group of people who Democrats can trust with handling their campaigns. Yes, I see a lot of people and organizations out there being loud and visible, but what are they actually doing? What is there goal?

    Also, when I listen to “Democratic Party Workshops” on campaigns, fundraising and election, it is exactly the cookie-cutter type of workshop that almost directly quotes “How to Win a Local Election” by Lawrence Gray, which has been out there for nearly a good 30 years! There is no unique thought and effort in those workshops, and are basically a waste of time.

    I truly think that most people “working” in Democratic politics are legends in their own minds, which might be the reason we get the results that we do. Anyone who recommends that we should “target North Florida” should automatically be considered as someone who is not educated on understanding politics and elections.

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