July Election Progress Report: Florida Democrats still lacking in candidate recruitment.

Republicans with overwhelming advantage over Democrats on every level.

Republicans with overwhelming advantage over Democrats on every level.

Every month, or after every filing deadline, I will be looking at the candidates running for state offices, seeing who has the edge. This purely looks at both parties and see if they are living up to expectations or not. So, this is the first “Election Progress Report”.

Governor’s Race – As of right now, we have Rick Scott and Nan Rich in the running. Eventually, we are expecting Charlie Crist to enter the race. But when will that be? As of right now the Republicans have the advantage purely because of the amount of money raised. But this might tighten up as time passes. Nobody really has an advantage in this race as of right now.

Attorney General – Pam Bondi is off and running while the Democrats have no candidates to run against her. Strong advantage to the Republicans.

CFO – Like Bondi, Jeff Atwater is the only candidate running. Republicans are strong here as well.

Agriculture Commissioner – Like the other races, the Democrats haven’t thrown in anyone of quality to run against Adam Putnam. Strong advantage for the Republicans.

Florida Senate – Jeff Brandies, who is the most venerable of the current incumbent senators, still has no Democratic opposition. As of right now, the Democrats haven’t recruited a single quality candidate for the Florida Senate. Advantage big time to the Republicans.

Florida House – In the Florida House things get a little better for the Democrats, but not much. Looking at the candidates who have announced to date, there are three who are challenging incumbent Republicans who look like possible contenders: Pamela Gray in District 120, Daisy Baez in District 114 and Ty Hinnant in District 59. As far as the Republicans, most of their major targets already have quality candidates. Among those are Robert Cortes and Jonathan Scott Sturgill, both running for District 30, Scott Plakon running in District 29, Shawn Harrison who is running for his old District 63 seat and Chris Sprowls running for District 65.

Of the seats where Democrats are challenging Republicans, Democrats don’t have an advantage in any of them. For the Republicans, they are currently in a position of advantage in two of the seats (Danish-63 and Zimmerman-65). Demographics still give Karen Castor Dentel the edge in her seat. As far as the Plakon vs. Clelland situation, it might be hard to tell. Clelland is doing a good job with connecting with local voters, and has been able to raise a decent amount of money as well. Plakon’s campaign isn’t starting off that great, with lackluster fundraising. If the Republicans were to get another candidate to run against Clelland, they might have a chance. To assume that this is a “Republican by default” seat is just silly.

Overall, the Republicans are running circles around the Democrats. Most of the Republican candidates are outraising the Democrats. As for the political parties themselves, Democrats are also performing quite poorly, with the Florida GOP outraising the FDP 3-1. If this is any indication of how the upcoming election will pan out, Election Night will be a long one for Democrats.


4 thoughts on “July Election Progress Report: Florida Democrats still lacking in candidate recruitment.

  1. Dave, I agree with you assment 100%

    The party had a great opportunity to elect a better leader to clean house at the FDP in Alan Clendenin but were sold a “bill of goods” by the current staff and the gravy train of loosing consultants that were in fear of loosing all that FDP $$$ and put up Allison Tant to keep the FDP on the loosing edge and keep their six figure jobs..

    Even the housecleaning at House Victory resulted in completely unqualified staff to run a new bunch of loosing consultants…new faces..same loosing strategy.

    If FDP and House Victory loose this election…again…maybe the party “sheep” (committeemen and committeewomen who elected Tant) will wake up and realize what a mistake they made?

    What do you think?

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