Is odd Tweet by FDP trying to justify Allison Tant?

So, in the last few minutes on Twitter, the Florida Democratic Party has put out a tweet which has shown the “accomplishments of Allison Tant”. And if you are wondering if that is a little odd….yes, it is odd. Rarely, if ever, do non-parliamentary political parties boost their leader’s accomplishments, especially if they are so insignificant as the facts which are shown in the FDP’s latest tweet. Here is the picture they added to the tweet:

BREvyhFCEAAZfRZIn this tweet, they talk about extremely insignificant things regarding the Florida Democratic Party. They talk about tweets, Facebook likes, the JJ dinner and so on. Honestly, these thing don’t add up to much, considering candidate recruitment and overall fundraising has been dismal for the party.

But who is this tweet intended to target?

Usually, political parties use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to either promote their candidates or policies, or to question the candidates and policies of the opposition. Why do they do that? Well, usually to get the voters to support of oppose a political party. These social media accounts are usually used to win elections.

But why would the average electorate care that the FDP had raised $850,000 at their JJ dinner? Why would the average electorate care about “108 Facebook posts”? Why would the average electorate, honestly, care about anything on this list?

Basically, this isn’t a post directed toward the electorate…it is a post directed to those involved in the Florida Democratic Party. For some reason, the FDP and Allison Tant have to justify that they are doing a “good job” for the party.

But why would the party have to justify their actions? Does this tweet expose that everything isn’t hunky-dory on the ranch? One must wonder if there are some grumblings going on within Florida Democratic politics that all isn’t well.

Nobody, except those actually involved with Florida Democratic politics, would have any interest in this tweet whatsoever. Therefore, if the party is in “panic mode” and required to make such an odd tweet, maybe those seeking a change in the party have the chance to finally speak up.


One thought on “Is odd Tweet by FDP trying to justify Allison Tant?

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