Relaunch of The Political Hurricane with a new focus.

As many of you know, I pulled the plug on The Political Hurricane over a year ago. The reason why I did this was because I was unhappy with the political climate in Florida politics. I felt that the climate went from having a constructive debate about politics and elections to being a process where anonymous websites and Twitter accounts attacked people. Unfortunately that still goes on today, which is quite upsetting.

The reason that I am relaunching the website is because I want to comment on elections and campaigns in Florida. A few days ago, I posted my recent numbers regarding the Florida House races. Tomorrow, I will go further into those particular elections.

Basically, this blog is going to go back to its roots, which is voting behavior, elections, campaign finance, election predictions and other issues relating to campaigning. As a result, this site is going to be non-partisan in nature, as well as not being ideological. This is going to be a pure look at campaigns and elections. When I entered Florida politics over 20 years ago, this was my main interest focus.

In addition, I will be spending the next five to six years at McGill University where I will be studying voting behavior in Quebec, Canada and the United States. Because of my graduate study commitment (which includes classes as well as three assistantships), this site will not be updated every day. This is also the reason why I left The Florida Squeeze as a writer. I informed Kartik Krishnaiyer that I would be leaving because I wanted to relaunch The Political Hurricane as an elections website, and that my time commitment to writing articles for The Florida Squeeze might be limited because of my many commitments I already have going on right now. It would be unfair for me to write for his site but rarely contribute to the site. I also left the site because I wanted to focus on elections and not deal with the battle that is currently happening in Florida Democratic politics. I want to put that episode of my political life far, far behind me.

Another thing is that comments on this site will be initially turned off. The reason for this is because this is not a site about attacking individuals, but about looking at campaigns and elections in a straightforward, non-biased manner. I might turn on the comments if I feel that the climate regarding personal insults and attacks has change.

Thank you for your support and I  am looking forward to providing quality information regarding campaigns and elections.

Dave Trotter