Time for the Florida Democratic Party to open up the playing field.

FDP_130109The current Florida Democratic Party bylaws state that the chair “shall be elected from among the county chairs, state committeemen and state committeewomen”.

So what…that is it? That is the choice for Florida Democrats? Only 201 people are eligible to run for Florida Democratic Party Chair? What if David Plouffe said he wanted to run the Florida Democratic Party (assuming he lived in Florida)? Could he? Nope, he doesn’t hold one of those positions. Basically, the current rules are bullshit.

Democrats need to consider opening up the election for FDP Chair. The first change that should be made is that any registered Democrat (with one exception that will be listed later) in the State of Florida could run for it. That is it! No previously held position in the party, or the legislature, or whatever. If you are registered as a Democrat at the general election book closing, then you automatically qualify, with one exception (which, again, I will mention later).

Second, the electors for FDP positions should be precinct committee members of local DECs. The only ones who can vote however were those who put their name on the ballot and were elected as precinct committee members, which would prevent a rash of at-large appointments right before the election of Chair, corrupting the process.

Third, why the hell do we need state committee members? In 1958 it might have made sense. But this is 2016. There is something called the internet, which will allow all DEC precinct committee members to take part in any statewide Florida Democratic Party business. Let’s democratize the process. Time to catch up with the time folks.

Forth (and this is my exception I mentioned earlier), if you have been a registered lobbyist for the last 10 years, you cannot be a member of a DEC, and cannot run for any executive position for the FDP. Period.

Yes, these are just off-the-cuff ideas (and wrote this in ten minutes), but, I mean, why the hell not? The problem with the FDP is not those who are selected for Chair, but the process in which those who qualify for Chair, as well as those who elect the Chair, are a select group of people who can vote their own interests, and not in the interest of the party.

***End of rant***


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