Will Susannah Randolph be FDP Executive Director under Bittel?

A few sources close to both Stephen Bittel and Susannah Randolph, who wish to remain anonymous, have contacted me and stated that there is a “strong likelihood” that activist and failed congressional candidate Susannah Randolph would have a spot in a Bittel-run Florida Democratic Party. Both sources hinted that Randolph could hold the position of the party’s executive director, but even they said that his was speculative.

Not only should Randolph’s questionable treatment toward women be a concern, but her campaign tactics as well. Randolph was part of the campaign team of Alan Grayson  which released the Taliban Dan commercial in 2010. She was also part of the team when Grayson denied any wrongdoing.

I will have more on this as soon as more information comes in (as I am kind of surprised that I received these emails this morning). Watch this space.


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