Exclusive: Tant Donated to Candidacy of Christian Conservative Leader

The holiday season continues to bring bad news for FDP chair candidate Allison Tant. Though some party leaders have assured us of Tant’s Democratic credentials, Florida Division of Elections records paint a different picture.

According to state records, Tant’s earliest contributions were to Republican candidates for the State Legislature. This is hardly surprising, because at the time Tant was lobbying for DBT Online. As we reported yesterday, Katherine Harris hired DBT Online to purge the voter rolls prior to the 2000 election- including over 57,000 African Americans. Many feel that this led directly to George W. Bush’s Florida “victory.” No doubt many Democratic lobbyists within the Tallahassee bubble made similar contributions, and Tant has said that she stopped lobbying in 2001.

Allison Tant registered as a lobbyist for DBT Online, Inc. in 1999.

Allison Tant registered as a lobbyist for DBT On-Line, Inc. in 1999. This is before ChoicePoint bought DBT On-Line

What concerns us more, and should concern Democrats across Florida, is a contribution Tant made much more recently to a candidate who can rightfully be described as a poster-child for radical conservatism. In 2007, Allison Tant gave $250 to Republican State House candidate Apryl Marie Fogel, who was running in a special election in Brevard County. Ms. Fogel lost the election in spite of having support from the NRA and other conservative organizations. The seat was won by Democrat Tony Sasso.

Prior to receiving Allison Tant’s support, Apryl Marie Fogel served as a field director for the National Rifle Association and in Jeb Bush’s administration. According to Ms. Fogel’s website, she “focused on electing strong second amendment candidates and for the advancement of a conservative policy agenda.”

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