Independent Report Finds Ron Saunders Under ALEC Influence

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has long used Florida’s right wing dominated legislature as a laboratory for harmful conservative ideas. The organization has come under national fire recently and has lost much of its financial backing. However, the influence of ALEC in Florida, which has been strong for over a decade remains uninterrupted by these events.

Florida’s Republican Party has fallen directly under the spell of ALEC. But now an independent report from the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting indicates that House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders who is a currently candidate for State Senate. Saunders contribution list for Senate reads like a who’s who of right wing pressure groups: big business, polluters, insurance companies and school “choice” proponents.

In fact the report found Saunders is the only House Democrat under ALEC’s influence. Not even Leonard Bembery (D-Madison) who has accumulated a conservative voting record while representing his rural big bend district made the list.

Saunders “leadership” of the Democratic Caucus over the past two years has led to divisions within the party and a continued acquiescence to the agenda of the GOP. It is no wonder Saunders quest to become a State Senator (the third time he has run for this particular seat) has been so well funded by conservative interests.


3 thoughts on “Independent Report Finds Ron Saunders Under ALEC Influence

  1. I have such a low opinion of Saunders that this should not surprise me. Yet it still shocks me that the Democratic caucus would enable Saunders conservatism and slavishness to lobbyists by making him party leader. That is the real crime.

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